Saturday, 10 September 2011

Visitor Update

Unfortunately for Michigan, four star RB Brionte Dunn was spotted at the Penn State game today, meaning he won't be at the UM-ND game tonight. It seems like a strange decision to me, but at least his cousin Dymonte Thomas (2013 recruit) is still coming to the Big House.

On the plus side, if Dunn is considering Penn State, he won't have had a great visit after they got bossed around by Alabama at home.

Also, if Dunn had of visited Michigan tonight, it would have only been for an unofficial visit anyway, hopefully he'll arrange an official visit later in the season.


  1. HELLLLLL YEAHHHHHHH....burning the Irish with 2 seconds left in the memory of #21 20 years later...hope all of the recruits loved that...even with more talent on the field Michigan still beats Notre Dame...the message for all the top recruits is wait til Michigan has their own recruiting classes!!!!! I really hope Greg Garmon and Jordan Payton were there to see that!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOO BLUEEEEEE!!!!

  2. Who's got two thumbs and doesn't give a crap about stealing your running back recruit, this guy (Nick Saban)...

  3. good choice Dee Hart, gonna ride the pine at Bama for the next 4 years....Brionte Dunn look no further than that.