Saturday, 10 September 2011

The greatest official visit ever

Someone just tweeted that Zach Banner is on the field dancing around, and now I'm thinking, is this the greatest official visit possible? Think of the circumstances:

- It's the first night game at the biggest stadium in the country, and for the program with the most all time wins.

- It's a big time rivalry game between two historic CFB programs, both with lot's to prove.

- It's a season defining game for Notre Dame, and maybe for Michigan too.

- UM were down by 17 points and looked dead and buried. The hero of last season (Denard) is having a poor game and Michael Floyd is owning the UM secondary. But then UM stages one of the greatest comebacks of all time!!!!

- It's an attendance record! The crowd is electric too (or so it looked :P )

- Instead of taking the safe route and setting up an easy FG, Michigan goes for glory and wins with 2 secs remaining.

All of this makes it possibly the perfect official visit. The only way you could make this better is if the opponents were OSU....but that's asking a little too much.

5:00am here but I'm way too excited to sleep, time to go check out Damefan1's new blog! If you don't remember, Damefan1 is a die hard Irish fan who for the 2009 and 2010 games posted pre game prediction videos on youtube that were simply hilarious. Anyways, now he has a blog!

Update: No reaction from him yet :(


  1. Just leaving the parking lot .........Benji .........I. love and respect your site and every guy and girl (Monique) on here and I always try to contribute in some meaningful way while showing respect to all readers but all I can say right now is "that was fucking amazing. I have an hour and change back to Canada and have to be up at 4:45........on duty at 6:00am and with this being 9/11 it is everything but a normal shift. Thank God for the W and remember what this day has meant to so many affected.

  2. OMG OMG OMG, how awesome was that? For the team to hang in there and not give up and show the resiliency they showed tonight is breath taking and awe inspiring. Go Blue!!!

    I'm happy we won an historic night game event, despite some huge crappy calls from the ND Conference Officials (at least it seemed like it), I made that up, in the words of the great Stewie Griffen,you see what I did there?

  3. Mick,

    No offence but I was there, at the game and it's my personal belief that the officials, O'Neil, O'Brien, O'Mally, O'Connor, O'Keefe, O'Shit, called it the way they saw it.

  4. Hey GBN, I hope you recorded the game, watch it again and then give me your opinion. There was some questionable shit in that game.

    For example:
    -The phantom pass interference they called on us in the end zone, 1 play before we recovered a fumble.
    -Gallon was held down on the interception by the Irish in the 4th, wasn't called. Even though it was a poor pass and decision by Denard.
    -The Irish Punter's knee was down one time when he caught the ball to kick at a majorly crucial time in the ebb and flow of the game.

    There were a couple more, get back to me later when you re-watch it, I'll be curious to hear your opinion then.

  5. dammit GBN, now I get it, you're funny and I'm slow sometimes, good on ya mate!!!

  6. I was at the game and the crowd was electric and as pumped-up as I've ever seen. We didn't leave the stadium until nearly a half hour after the game was over and I still didn't want to go... Awesome game - Go Blueeeee!!!