Friday, 23 September 2011

Dan O'Brien Update

If you listened to Sam Webb's recruiting roundup today, you will have heard that his gut feeling is that Dan O'Brien will probably end up elsewhere. This was somewhat surprising to hear given the rave reviews he gave UM recently, and the fact that he's very friendly with current UM commits.

Still, Webb is rarely wrong when it comes to Michigan recruiting, so it's worrying for sure. I doubt Michigan is completely out of it, but I'll be on the look out for a commitment from him when he visits other schools now, especially Tennessee.


  1. Let him go elsewhere. If he's more interested in going to school where he could hunt, then he's not the worried enough about football. Good luck to him, and lets move on.

  2. On a positive note, did anyone happen to catch Joe Bolden last night? Colerain played Middletown, and Bolden didn't disappoint. I know one of the big shots from Scout was there, and he was drooling over Bolden. I wouldn't be surprised if Bolden's stock rises dramatically over the course of the year.

  3. Good to hear about Bolden. Has anyone heard anything on how Ondre Pipkins is doing? I imagine him utterly dominating in hihgh school this - he is already a beast.

  4. Pipkens had about 15 tackles last Friday. I watched Bolden when he came down here to Florida to play Cocoa. He was MR.Do-Everything. Pipkins should be a high 4 star, possible 5. But obviously stars don't mean shit. JJ Watts was a measly 2 star. Look where's he's at now. I only said it once, and one more time. Bolden may be the best LB OUT OF THE 4. I was hoping they pursue that Ifeanedi dude. He's a beast. Ojumedia (correct me) has been performing better of all the recruits thus far. And Jeremy Clark is killing it (One of my favorites along with Pharoah Brown). And back to RR: He had no support. You have fans. And you have bandwagoners.I'm a UM fan. A "True UM Fan" will support RR regardless the situation. Bandwagoners will follow has long as their team is winning. Otherwise they talk shit and point fingers.

  5. 1st of all, I ain't no bandwagoner, 2nd I'm as big a U-M fan as you'll ever meet. 3rd, I will point fingers at the WCIMFH as much as I want, he fucking sucked, okay? You should be thankful his ass is gone and we have Hoke.

    If Hoke was still at SDSU, we would likely lose this game, at least now we have a really good chance of winning.

  6. Check out this link on a great 2013 RB whose dream school is UM. What makes it even better is that he is in he heart of SEC country. As great as this year is for recruiting, 2013 could be much better.

  7. Amen, Mick. Last time I checked noone had appointed CassBMW chief of the "real fan" police. Weird that Sam Webb had some bad tacos and his funny gut gets people in a tizzy.

  8. Thanks Michael, I appreciate that. Funny line on the bad tacos. If O'Brien has his heart to be at U-M, then I say welcome, if not, then good luck somewhere else. I want guys that care about being in the winged helmet, not ones that think they're doing someone a favor by going to AA.

  9. @Jake, thanks for that link man. That kid is pretty studly looking and only a sophomore in that film. I love the way he can run between the tackles, kick it outside, outrun everybody, can return kicks and has a real nose for the end zone.

    And he's only gonna get bigger and faster, I imagine Hoke will be offering this young man. If he comes to U-M, we will have a Tamani and Kamani on a team that once had an Amani, can you dig it!

  10. Drob still can't throw the pigskin So far he's missed several really easy throws. I'm impressed with the Defense so far. Countess has looked awesome for a true freshman and Jake Ryan is a man.

  11. I was just going to say the same thing about Countess. He's made some big tackles already to help stop drives. Ryan with 2 fumble recoveries...he just always seems to be around the ball on defense. Denard has def had a few bad throws but he's also had his receivers drop some balls that were right between the numbers. Much happier with how the team performed today. I'd rather have the offense stall out a little bit in the middle of the game with the defense getting some big stops to keep the lead. Much better than having to come from behind because you can't score on the early drives in the game. Hopefully this game will give both the offense and the defense some confidence with the Big 10 schedule opening next week.

  12. The D did a good job are starting to get what Coach Mattison has been teaching them and playing together. Countess played well filling in for Floyd. Ryan was on the ball. Roh finally is playing better. Martin got in there some.

    The offence should be thanking the D for keeping them in the games. I thought the O was suppost to keep the D in the game?

    Hopkins sould not be allowed to touch the ball again.

    Still the D played well and they won thats all thats inportant. I have to keep quit about some people on offence because some people are very cracky when you talk about him.LOL

  13. Totally agree about Hopkins. I think he just earned himself the fullback spot. He has proven over and over for 2 seasons now that he can't be trusted with the ball.

  14. Denard saved us today... Jer89 we have 0 offense without him! Defense is getting better every week! Signs looking good for michigan. All we can ask for is to get better each week

  15. Denard usually saves us until we play good teams. The good teams have the athletes on defense to contain DR, and force him to throw. Again, we cannot be successful on offense unless we're able to throw the ball consistently. As of right now, I've watched the game two times already. I've counted four throws where DR was on his front foot when he threw. Again, these things that he's struggling with are SIMPLE concepts that you learn in JR High. Yes, he can run with the best of them, quite possibly the best in the country, but his inefficiencies at the qb position is downright hard to watch.

  16. I think some of it has to do with the play calling as well. Instead of calling some nice easy passes for the guy they come out and make him throw a screen pass for his first throw of the game. I know the screen pass should be an easy throw but it is a throw that requires some touch which is something he struggles with. The next pass play called went down field if I remember correctly. I think DR's confidence in the passing game is fading a little more each game. I don't understand why they don't call a couple of easy passing plays first to get him comfortable and give him some confidence. Why not throw a bubble screen and then let him throw the quick slant where he takes two steps towards the line of scrimmage. I just don't get it.

  17. DR couldn't drop the ball off to a back out of the backfield 5 yards away let alone a real throw. as a junior second year starter, that has nothing to do with a new offense so I have little hope of him getting much better at the passing game. it's fun to watch him run (especially against weaker teams)He's gonna make some team a heck of a punt returner at the next level. but we will never be a top tier team with him at the helm.

  18. He has a good enough arm to keep a defense honest. And the more reps he gets he will get better. Not tom brady but better and our toughest part of the schedule other than msu is last two games. By then if he stays healthy and our defense continues to improve we COULD be undefeated going to nebraska... Denard does need to get better and stay healthy but he put up a 100 yards rushing against all big ten teams he played at least a half against... Either way i dont want to start a denard fight im just glad our defense is getting better and we have great coaches that care and teach... I believe denard will get better though so stay positive and go blue!

  19. I agree he has a good enough arm, the problem is his accuracy, footwork and eventually his decision making. I'm just so glad now that we have one of the top coaching staffs in college football.

    I'm just hoping that the team keeps improving, especially defensively as the offense works it self out. I love the way Borges has the smarts and the sense to mix things up. I can't wait for a guy like Morris to be at the helm of this offense.

    IMO every game on this schedule is winnable, let's see how they matriculate throughout the season. I'm so excited about the future of this program.

  20. lets not get into the Denard debate again. Lets all agree that he is great at running, and needs to work on his passing. Period.

    I totally agree about Hopkins. Everybody was excited about him because of his size, but he has shown us he can't hold onto the ball. I want to see more of Shaw, but it seems as though Fitz and Smith have proven they deserve the bulk of the carries, and I trust the coaches. Lets not forget, Hoke recruited Hillman. ( i think)

    I'm so pumped about our defense today! So many analysts had us losing this game, or at least SDSU keeping it close. Why? Because of Lindley and Hillman, and our defense SHUT THEM DOWN. Hillman did have just over 100 yards, but not a single TD, and we forced him to fumble 2 times, something he hasnt done since his FIRST carry as a freshman! Our front 7 disrupted Lindley ALL day and our DB's did a pretty decent job covering those receivers.

    BTW. SUPER pumped about Blake Countess. He racked up some solid numbers for a true freshman in his first play time. Lindley was clearly targeting him, and he didn't disappoint. Look for him and Raymon Taylor to be beasts in the secondary in the next few years. Ryan looked fantastic as well, but Im upset we didn't get to see Cam Gordon yet again.

  21. Everyone who's commented on Countess, I agree 100%. I think he showed more ability that anyone else I've seen them run out there. He'll be the next great Michigan corner.

  22. This is way off the subject, but I need to get it out. I have some anger issues with Nick Saban. Just don't know why I hate this guy so muuch.

  23. Did anyone hear about Banner and Payton? They went to Oklahoma this weekend and I was just curious if anyone heard about it. I hope it didn't top the ND game at the Big House. We need the Payton's big frame and Banner's size and strength on the line and to play Center for bball.

  24. From what I've seen we have four more spots left this year. I'm not positive on that but if that is the case then I can't wait to see the battle for those four spots. I read somewhere that shaq thompson was looking to schedule a visit. I'm hoping that the rest of class is:

    1. Brionte Dunn (I want him bad)
    2. Banner/Garnett (either or)
    3. Shaq Thompson
    4. Jordan Payton

    But I feel it will be more like this:

    1. Banner
    2. Payton
    3. Darboh/Madaris

    and who knows about the fourth.

    Any body else want to offer their predictions? Get this back to talking about recruiting :)

  25. We could have more than four spots left, it's starting to sound more like five or six. Right now we have 24 available scholarships, and then two redshirt juniors (forgot their names) who probably won't be asked back for a fifth year. That would get us up to four spots, and it is likely that someone will transfer because some people are stuck on the bottom of the depth chart. With that said, I believe our final five spots will be:
    Darboh (Insert Shaq Thompson if he actually visits, has a good visit and if Cal. struggles this year)

  26. Some good ranking news. Michigan just cracked the top 20 with a spot at #19 in the AP poll and the Coach's poll. Hopefully we can have another strong showing from the Defense against Minnesota's mobile qb. So if we're talking we have 4 spots left then I'd like:


    If we somehow can squeak out 6 spots then I'd like to see:

    Shaq Thompson (although the tools with the Golden Dome prob lead)

    At this point I don't really care about Dunn because I have my reservations about him. We're good at RB for next year with Rawls, Hayes etc. and if we can get the RB out of Georgia I think he's be a better back.

  27. Banner and Payton supposedly had a good time. Doesn't sound like Banner enjoyed the official has much has UM-ND. But majority of the youngsters like to keep things to their chest/vest. Did Raymon get any reps in the game?? I did not notice him.

  28. Remember Sammy watkins was considering Michigan? Wow... Wish that would've worked out! Does anyone have a link to the reactiom of banner/payton visit?

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  30. Hate & Issues towards Nick Saban huh? The man can coach defense period. if you don't like him, that's fine, but respect him for what he currently is, a great coach.

    Just look at the technique use by Dre Kirkpatrick laying the wood on Arkansas WR's this past weekend. Sooner, rather than later I want UM to have a DB that can do that

  31. @Chucky
    I have a lot of respect for Nick Saban the coach, not at all as a person. This guy is a big zero when it comes to loyalty. It's all about him. Then putting a statue of the guy at Alabama, give me a break, how big an ego does this SOB have? Sorry he just doesn’t make it in my book.

  32. North,

    You took the word right out of my mouth with that statement.

  33. I just read on rivals that bolden and ringer plan on enrolling early, does this count towards this years scholarship count or have any affect on anything?

  34. This from The Big House Blog.
    Not sure what happened here but the latest buzz on Danny O'Brien is that he will not be picking Michigan next week. It seems he is down to Tennessee and MSU. Does Michigan need that spot for another position? Or has Danny warmed to another program? Not sure.

    And Garnett is planning on visiting UM,Miami and Auburn. I think UM can land him and Banner. That would be great for UM.

    Todd, It all count toward the total 85 scholarships. With some of the 5th, year guys not getting there scholarship renewed, guys not being able to play because of medical reasons and some kids transfering (Hopkins). I believe UM maybe able to take 28 guys this year. this is only what I think.

  35. I hope they can take 28, this class seems to be absolutely stocked with talent that likes Michigan.

  36. Regarding WRs being recruited, have folks forgot about Powe and Chesson? I'm a sucker for height and speed and these two based on film seem to have it. Madaris is no chump either. Hoke is building a great foundation for his team, if you are looking for a glimpse into the future Look at LSU, Hoke is building the attitude and bringing in the players that fit the mold. No coincidence Les was cut from the same cloth.

  37. I like Powe and Chesson. I think everyone is thinking UM will not have space when they deside.

    Any word on Diggs and Shaq Thompson?

  38. We can take 28 this year, we already have 24 available spots, with 4 more spots opening up being very reasonable. Some of the redshirt juniors already aren't playing, so likely won't be kept on as 5th year seniors, and a little more attrition is still about average. If we get the likely 28 available spots then we have at least 3 players planning on enrolling early to participate in spring practice so we could take 28 and have only 25 count against the 2012 class. My guess is the class size won't officially change, but the coaches will still pursue any top prospects who show enough interest.

  39. haha that statue of Saban is NOT flattering. Just saying

  40. Call me crazy but the 2 most important recruits left out there are Payton and Wright. We need a good out wr and a BIG corner that we havent had in years. A big issue with our defense over the years have been our tiny corners.

  41. I know many of the commits have 3 or 4 stars. Will this get updated based on how they do as seniors? Could these go up or down or just stay the same? I also always wondered what they do if some guy just blows his knee out in high school, terrible thought but I know it happens.

  42. @northernmi the rankings will move up and down on these guys. Sad thing is most these rankings will go down more than up just because the kids are already commited. The longer good/great players wait to commit the better there rankings can be. Its sad but true in the world of recruiting sites.

  43. It says on rivals that Powe doesn't even have an offer yet.

    The receivers we might have a good chance with are Payton, Powe, Chesson, Madaris and anybody else?

    Some db's we have a chance with that I know of are Shaq Thompson and Yuri Wright. Any others?

    I know Garnett is setting a visit but what other lineman are seriously considering us besides Banner?

    In the Brionte Dunn interview on Rivals, he seems to still be up in the air about coming to Michigan or not. Watching his film, I really want him on our side of the field, not ohios.

  44. Yeah sure, if Nick S. was coaching UM, & delivering the same results as he is in Tuscaloosa , there would be no objection to his statute outside Michigan Stadium. We both know that. Remember the university decided on the statute , not Mr. Saban.

    Sure Jer, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  45. Statute? Damn Saban's huge now...he's got a law AND statue...some guys just get it all...

  46. Yeah statue. Glad you are using that spell check on this evening. Looking forward to that match up next year in Dallas so you can rant on Nick S after all.

    Stay tuned...

  47. @Chucky
    So you’re defending Saban just because he is a good coach? That’s pretty weak. No there would not be a statue of Saban; inside, outside the Big House. In fact there would not be one in Ann Arbor. Saban could have told them no statue. Wait until at least the man retires.

    Saban has been in an oversigning controversy since 2008. He hasn’t been all that upfront on that issue. Bottom line is this guy smells of character issues. Funny ESPN doesn’t dig into that a bit more.

    I care what kind of coach we have and I am sure you do to. After RR, I would not want Saban, I want character before anything. With coach Hoke we have that.
    GO BLUE!

  48. Wow, such anger. Take a deep breath.

  49. Any chance Gardner transfers? If he gets a medical RS he could still be the starting QB for 2 years. Morris could RS a year and take over as a RS soph. But since he doesn't know for certain if that extra year awaits in AA I think he could be jetting soon.

  50. Why would he leave and transfer? Then he would have to sit out next year lol. That makes no sense. Why would a player transfer because he isn't going to start next year and then sit out a year. If he stays next year he will not start but the year after that he will be the starter or he can transfer and sit out a year then be the starter the year after. It would be the exact same thing. Either way he is not starting next year so it makes a lot more sense to just stay. p.s. Denard Robinson is his roommate they are great friends and this is nothing like the situation of little man tate.

  51. I don't think Gardner transfers, but if he did it may not expedite playing time, but he would be able to start another year. If he is a Sr (no RS) when DRob leaves he would only get the one season of experience. If he were to transfer he would retain his JR year of eligibility that he likely will lose next year sitting behind Denard again. I think there is a solid foundation with Gardner and his teammates and maybe next year if UM doesn't get a RB, the staff looks at the possibility of getting its best players on the field. Gardner will have to pretty amazing to move Robinson to RB IMO.

  52. With Wilson, Bolden & Ringer all expected to enroll early that does give us the ability to sign 28 freshmen for next year. With 22 verbals now (Jeremy Clark for 2013) that means we would have potentially 9 more scholarships available for 2012. UM may use them, but do we have 9 elite players still considering us? Also, on Bri'onte Dunn said that if he in fact makes a decision before January that he will probably enroll early at the school he chooses. So his scholarship wouldn't go on the books against this class either if he chose to enroll at Michigan. Here's my top 9 in order of desire, but also those that are realistic possibilities:

    1. Wright
    2. Banner
    3. Payton
    4. A. Washington (mild longshot, but is a beast)
    5. Garnett
    6. O'Brien
    7. Garmon
    8. Darboh
    9. Madaris/Diamond

    That is a class if we got 9 more which is nuts, we would be adding 33 (if Dunn committed and early enrolled) new players to our roster next year and 32 of those would be on scholarships. All that said, I don't think its too likely we grab that many new faces.

  53. Again. . .depending on which RS Seniors gets the firm hand shake. 85 is the magic number.

  54. Secondly, would expect the staff to have one in reserved for Jeremy Clark. Then again, he's content with what he has now.

  55. I posted this a couple of weeks ago in regards to how many recruits we could take for 2013. I am reposting part of this because it is difficult to know where the attrition may come from.

    "Currently, UM has 75 on scholarship. We have 9 RS Srs, 5 Srs, 12 RS Jrs and 5 Jrs for a total of 31 upperclassmen. In order to bring in a class of 26, two scholarships will have to be opened up (75(now)-14(leaving)+26(incoming Fr)=87; 85 is the limit). So we have to get to or under 85.

    Here are the current RS Jrs:

    RB Mike Cox
    WR Roy Roundtree
    WR Terrence Robinson
    WR Darryl Stonum
    TE Brandon Moore
    OG Ricky Barnum
    C Rocko Khoury
    OG Elliott Mealer
    OG Patrick Omameh
    LB Kenny Demens
    CB J.T. Floyd
    S Jordan Kovacs

    All of these guys could/should be back next year. I think most of this class is safe due to the underwhelming depth on the OL. Even Terrence Robinson may get some PT next year and may be needed for depth. But like I said, in order to get 26 in for 2012, two need to leave still.

    The 2013 RS Seniors (currently RS Sophs) may be another story. I could definitely see Mike Jones and Isaiah Bell not getting a fifth year due to the strong LB classes that have and are coming in behind them. I would expect three to five more players to transfer, quit or be lost due to medical reasons."

    That being said, only Mike Cox and Terrence Robinson could get the "firm handshake" as CassBMW calls it. UM is too thin at OL to do that to Khoury or Mealer.

    Here is the list of under classmen:

    RS Sophs

    RB Fitzgerald Toussaint
    WR Jeremy Gallon
    OT Taylor Lewan
    OT Michael Schofield
    DT Quinton Washington
    LB Isaiah Bell
    LB Mike Jones
    S Cameron Gordon
    S Thomas Gordon
    K Brendan Gibbons

    Bell and Jones may leave/transfer.

    Soph. -

    QB Devin Gardner
    RB Stephen Hopkins
    WR Jeremy Jackson
    SR Drew Dileo
    DE Jibreel Black
    CB Courtney Avery
    CB Terrence Talbott
    S Carvin Johnson
    S Marvin Robinson
    P Will Hagerup

    I am pretty sure Hopkins will leave. Possibly Jeremy Jackson and Talbott?

    RS Fr. -

    WR Jerald Robinson
    TE Ricardo Miller
    DT Ken Wilkins
    DT Richard Ash
    LB Jordan Paskorz
    LB Jake Ryan
    S Josh Furman

    Several of the RS could transfer as well. Only Ryan has seen meaningful minutes from this list. Furman appears buried on the DB depth chart.

    Fr. -

    QB Russell Bellomy
    RB Justice Hayes
    RB Thomas Rawls
    OL Chris Bryant
    OL Jack Miller
    DE Brennen Beyer
    DE Keith Heitzman
    DE Chris Rock
    LB Frank Clark
    LB Desmond Morgan
    LB Antonio Poole
    CB Greg Brown
    CB Blake Countess
    CB Delonte Hollowell
    CB Raymon Taylor
    S Tamani Carter
    K Matt Wile

    Who knows out of this group who may leave?

  56. Well thought out Caleb, Kudos?? Jeremy Jackson leaving?? Highly unlikely (Isn't Fred the dad?) T. Robinson and Cox is the only possibility I see being the "2".

  57. Understand the family connection with Jeremy Jackson and I am sure there wouldn't be bad blood, but kids want to play and I am sure that Jeremy would get all the support he needed if he decided to transfer to an FCS or even an EMU or CMU caliber school.

  58. @ Caleb

    Not sure what you are talking about with adding 33 new players to the roster next year. We can only take a max of 28 with 3 of those being EE.

  59. I don't see Jeremy Jackson transferring. He's gotten some minimal playing time, and looks somewhat promising, still too early. However, I bet he gets some action next year, we have quite a few Senior Wideouts leaving. Hemingway, Grady, Odoms, probably another or two I cant think of.

    I don't think Cox CAN leave, can he? I mean, when you transfer, don't you lose a year of eligibility? Well if he transfers, wouldn't he lose his final year? Maybe I have that wrong, but if not, I could see him leaving for sure. Hopkins, maybe. It depends on how much Rawls contributes in games/camp and if we get Dunn or not.

    I'd like to see Furman stay. I think he's to good of an athlete to let go, hopefully he sticks around, i think he'll get his due soon enough.

    BTW Caleb, Cam Gordon is a OLB :)

  60. I think Hoke has the running back he wants in Sione Houma. He is 6-0/215 and runs a 4.53( not sure if thats very fast) but he looks fast on film. Breaks tackles and can catch the ball out of the backfield. He would take Dunn if he wanted to go to UM. Between Rawls,Hayes and Houma Hoke maybe good at RB. Just a thought. And UM still has Toussiant and Smith for one or two more year.

  61. I thought Houma was going to be a FB?

  62. Forget all this talk about recruits but is anyone worried that Benji hasnt updated this blog since before the game ??...Usually he has a post on game day or atleast after the game ..Wonder if everything is alright over there

  63. Houma was recruited as a FB yes. But he does play like a Running back, and his film is pretty impressive. 4.53 is not very fast, but it is still fast. 4.5 is Fitz/Smith speed. Shaw runs around a 4.4, hayes I think is a 4.3/4.4 guy. So he could definitely play running back, as long as he has the same intangibles in college that he has now (break tackles, good cuts etc)


    while I do agree that Benji hasn't posted in a few days, you can't say "forget all this talk about recruits"... I think YOU forget this is a recruit blog.

  64. @ Caleb
    We already lost a few kids from the last minute freshman class Hoke had to put together, but here's something to consider: When the 2012 class shows up on campus well have 9 scholarship CB's and no clear leader (we have depth, but not necessarily depth of talent) The same can be said for the RB depth and LB depth. If we land Dunn we'll have 7 or 8 backs besides Denard without a clear starter, and 12 LBs with our incoming freshman enrolling early to get a crack at the 2 deep. We may have receiver attrition to face if our offense doesn't start, you know, passing the ball. If we land 2 WR's this year we'll have 8 scholarship receivers plus 4 TE's to divide 10 pass attempts per game between, lol. Same situation there, depth of numbers, lack of top talent.

  65. @Blue in GB It is 33 if we take 28 recruits on the 2012 class. Wilson, Finn, Bolden and Ringer would count against the 2011 classes scholarships and Jeremy Clark against 2013. My bad on Gordon position. Transfers to another FBS school do NOT lose a year eligibility when they transfer, they just must sit out a season. I don't think Cox will transfer, but possibly not have his 5th year renewed.

  66. Oops! "Finn" is supposed to be "Dunn." I was on my phone. I love me some AutoCorrect.

  67. @Caleb
    The conference only allows a max of 25 schollies a year, you can get to 28 if 3 of those are EE. This is not the SEC so the max any team can take in a year is 28! I would love to take 33 but its not allowed.

  68. Trent Taylor DL flops from Miami to TN... could this affect Obrien?

  69. hey buddy thanks a lot for the Dan O'Brien update, I tried to find some information on price per head site, but they had not anything updated, only you