Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Quick Updates

I'm back at University now! Which means I'll be spending much more time on the laptop, and therefore more time potentially blogging? Not much has happened recently in recruiting, but here's a few quick notes:

- Jordan Diamond will be visiting Wisconsin this weekend for their big matchup with Nebraska. This is not the first time he's visited the Badgers, and I think they might end up securing the four star OT, given their stellar record of putting OL in the NFL. Plus I don't think he's too keen on being the 6th OL in Michigan's class.

- A more likely OT addition for UM is Zach Banner, but he visited Oklahoma for their game against Missouri last weekend and came away pretty happy. It should be a close call between UM and OU, and of course we can't count out the home state Washington Huskies, who rarely let the top in state talent out of the borders.

- Ondre Pipkins has been selected for the Army All American game, which is obviously fantastic news for him and Michigan. On a negative note, Ondre announced on Twitter that he'll miss 2-3 weeks with a "Sprained Foot And Tendonitis".

- Seen as the recruiting trail for Michigan has died down recently, it's time to get creative with the blog! I'll be doing a series of 'where are they now' posts, which will look at current college freshman who were very close to picking Michigan in last year's recruiting cycle. The idea for this comes from the success of Sammy Watkins at Clemson. Before UM went downhill last year, Watkins was leaning towards Michigan, who had his teammate Dallas Crawford committed. Anyway, now he's at Clemson and dominating as a freshman! He'll be the first focus of the series.


  1. What do you think our chances with some of the remaining big names left out there Benji?

    Thompson, Wright, Garnett, Banner etc?

    Who do you think will fill out the remainder of this class?

  2. this is directly from the facebook of Dwayne Stanford

    Dwayne Too-Tall Stanford II
    I just looked up Michigan roster its looking good for themm!!!!!!!

  3. Ohh yes, im back answering comments :P

    Todd, are you refering to Ron Thompson? If so, I think Michigan might take a chance on Ron towards the end of the year if they still have a space open. After Barnett left the team, there is definitely an opening at TE. Thompson wanted to commit to UM before, but had issues. If those issues get resolved and UM has a spot free, I'd be happy for him to take it.

    As for Yuri Wright, he still hasn't visited yet, but he should be up in Ann Arbor for an official this fall. We'll have to wait and see how that goes, but right now I'd say he won't end up in this class.

    Things are looking pretty good with Banner at the moment, he loved his UM visit, which means the Wolverines should be right in there with a shout when he decides.

    As for Garnett, he's a real longshot now.

  4. That's an interesting quote Logan, we haven't heard too much about Stanford recently. I believe he and Washington cooled massively on Michigan late in the summer, but UM badly needs a receiver, so Stanford is probably still in play.

  5. having issues posting comments - anyone else?

  6. I think we can all agree that UM should no problems with the Gophers this week. Having said that UM should play DR from under center the whole game or at least the first half. No planned runs jus handing the ball off and throwing the ball. Or let DG play the whole game. Just to get some much needed playing time. It will also help keep DR healty. Would love to see DR play the first half and DG play the second. Let me know what you think?

  7. Jer-
    I think the saying goes "...and that's why they play the game". No coach will ever assume any team on their schedule is a cake walk. No coach will ever prepare their team with the approach that their game will be a cake walk. I think we'll see what we've been seeing with perhaps more shorter throws to get DR in rhythm. If the game is 35-0 at half them perhaps we see DG starting the second half. I guess I don't understand the obsession with pulling DR so DG gets snaps. No other top ten team is doing that. LSU and Alabama both had their games in control and their starters stayed in. It's not like the games played were complete blow outs. We clearly have kinks to work out on O so DR needs the snaps.

  8. All,
    Remind me how much playing time did DR miss last year. And different style of QB.

  9. While I agree with All-the-lights about coaches never expecting a blowout, I also agree with Jer89. If things are rolling in the first half, let DG play some. Maybe not even the second half, let him play the 4th quarter. I am in no way in favor of pulling DR or switching his position, but I think the people want to see DG and I think the coaches need to see him play some game time. Down the road, I think DG will be an overall better QB than Robinson, especially because he is sitting the bench right now. We can't force him into action, let him sit, and learn, and hone his skills. Not many quarterbacks who start immediately prove to be great QBs.

  10. Benji,

    Why do you think Garnett is a longshot? Is it because he likes other schools more or is it just timing (visiting too late and Banner would take his spot)?

    Also, regarding Stanford I don't even want him, he has really fallen in the rankings due to his lack of speed and we have Payton practically locked up and other receivers (Powe, Madrais, Darboh) all with us as one of their favorites.

  11. Benji,

    What are the chances Pittman decommits for another school?

  12. Mark, I consider him a longshot because he was scheduled to visit for the ND game and canceled, and he holds other schools above Michigan for sure. With only one OL spot left, Garnett is very unlikely to end up in this class.

    Jer, even if Pittman decommits to another school, it won't be for Michigan. Sam Webb doesn't think UM will take another DL, and I think if they do, it will be a DT like Dan O'Brien.
    For these reasons I haven't been following Pittman lately, so I don't really know the chances of him decommitting. If I was an MSU fan, I'd be more worried about whether he qualifies academically, because I believe there were some concerns in that area with him.

  13. @Jer89
    After App. State and Toledo games a number of years back. I do not take any team lightly. Michigan is always a target. Michigan needs to be up by about 40 points before I get comfortable. In fact I would keep those scores posted in the clubhouse just to keep reminding those players that nothing like that happens again!

  14. I just heard some interesting notes on an Al Borges interview about DR this week. He doesn't really expect him to start showing real improvement in the passing game because of the changes they've put into the offense until the end of this year or until the beginning of next year. He talked about his first year at UCLA when Cade McNown was the worst passers in the Pac 10, but then the following year he was one of the top passers in the country. It's just going to take time for the changes that they're making with DR to start working on a more consistent basis.

  15. Benji-
    We were already planning on taking 5-6 linemen in a class of up to 26, then Christian Pace, Tony Posada, and Gary Yerden all left the program and the 2012 class might accommodate up to 28 players. Do you think they might take an extra Olineman now?

    Sidenote: As Tackles both Jake Long and Taylor Lewan needed to redshirt, but lesser skilled Guards like Boren have started for Michigan as freshmen in the past. If we took 7 linemen, and 2 guards (Kalis and Garnett as an example) started as freshmen and 4 or 5 of the others redshirted then it would spread out the talent and depth across different years of eligibility. Also, if we have 2 or 3 top linemen like Garnett and Kalis and Banner play as freshmen then we'll have at least one scholarship backup across the offensive line next year, but if a class of 6 all redshirts as they typically do then we'll only have 8 scholarship linemen available next season.

  16. OL is a hard position to start at as a true freshman, because very few guys are physically up to the task, especially in the Big Ten. The only guy I could see getting serious playing time at the moment is Kyle Kalis at guard.

    And yes, Pace and Posada have left the program, but Michigan also picked up a pretty good walk on OL in Graham Glasgow. So that changes things slightly. So even with those departures you mentioned, its still a case of minimum of 5, but want to take 6.

  17. While I do agree with you that Josh Garnett is less likely to commit than Banner, I would only call him a mild longshot. He has listed us as one of three that are going to get an official and with all due respect, Benji, Garnett didn't cancel the trip due to a lack of interest, but because his HS game that week was too late and the visit would have been too rushed. Banner played on a Thursday that week. According to a recent article on, Auburn, Miami & Michigan are three that will for sure get an official visit.

    @Jer89 I agree that DG needs some snaps. Usually that happens in the non-conference portion of the season, so it seems very unlikely that we will see it happen Saturday.