Thursday, 8 September 2011

ND Visitors list

There will be tons of visitors on hand to watch Michigan take on Notre Dame on Saturday night, so many that it's pointless trying to list all of them right now. Plus, a lot of them might not turn up for varying reasons.

Anyway, for now I'll quickly run through some of the 'main' visitors. The two headliners are both from the West coast, Zach Banner and Jordan Payton. Both will be here on official visits, but I imagine they will take a few more visits after this, so don't expect any commitments from these two.

Michigan always wants to take a RB each year, and two of the best on their board should be on campus this weekend; both for unofficial visits. We all know about Brionte Dunn, and you should have heard of Greg Garmon too. Michigan doesn't lead for either of these guys, but a strong visit should help them to catch up with Ohio State (for Dunn), and interestingly enough, Greg Garmon really likes Notre Dame, so a victory for Michigan could be huge here.

There are some promising juniors scheduled to be at the game too, including Dunn's cousin Dymonte Thomas, Wyatt Shallman, Laquon Treadwell and Steve Elmer.


  1. How nice would it be to lock up Dunn and Dymonte Thomas tonight with a blowout over Notre Dame.

  2. I am so jacked up for the game Saturday. I had UM losing this game a week ago. I have changed my mind UM all the way in a blow out. UM Defence is going to turn Brian Kelly language from a good catholic boy to a truck driver. And lose a couple of more recruits.

  3. @Jer89

    You are really expecting a blowout? I mean, I would love to see it, but I can't say I'm predicting it. I'm sticking with my score of 38-28.

  4. I am trying to positive. So I am am going with a blow out. But I will take a win either way. Plus I am tired of hearing it going to be a close game.

  5. Hey, if we can score, I think we'll be fine. ND will find a way to turn the ball over and beat themselves as usual.

  6. I think ND will turn the ball over at least 2 times. Once on special teams and a int.