Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dan O'Brien Update

Last Saturday's game against Western Michigan was great from a football standpoint, but in recruiting terms it was a bad weekend. Amara Darboh had to postpone his visit, and there were no other official visitors at all. Fortunately in-state DT Dan O'Brien was able to make it in, meaning at least one top prospect got to see the Wolverines in person.

O'Brien is seemingly very high on Michigan, along with his other top schools; MSU, Alabama and Tennessee. Right now I think Tennessee could be the biggest challenger to Michigan, he's going to be down there for the LSU game and if the Volunteers pull off the upset, Knoxville will be rocking.

I think if he stays in state, it'll be Michigan and not MSU - I don't rate the Spartans chances here; at least not at the moment. A big reason for that is that Matt Godin and all the other in state guys are at Michigan, and O'Brien would love the chance to play alongside his friends in college.


  1. Sounds about right. After seeing the LSU-OR game, I bet he attends a LSU blow out.

    Then he gets to go out on the town and experience THE worst fans in NCAA football, acting their classless worst. (LSU fans)

    LSU vs TN? I may need to dig out my black and white TV from the basement. Their team colors hurt my retinas.

    How about those Maryland uniforms last night? I've never seen anything that horrible. Ever.

    If no one lost their job over that, they must be the nephew of someone very important....

  2. Any updates/stats from our 2012 recruits over the weekend???

  3. Mitch McGary was the only (uncommitted) *Star* to visit. Was with Zac Novak (best friends). He will be announcing very soon between 5-6 schools I think. We are a favorite along with Kansas, Duke, and I can't remeber the other school. This weekend I'm looking forward to Garnett, Peat, and Banner if he's still coming.

  4. From OMG Shirtless at MGoBlog:



    O'Brien - Official according to the TomVH video that was up for a few minutes before ESPN either took it down or put it behind the paywall


    Darius Powe

    Unofficial: Some of these have changed throughout the weekend, so I'll put them all here for now.

    Taco Charlton

    Dunn - Possible

    Steve Elmer

    Greg Garmon


    Matt Miller

    Shane Morris

    Wyatt Shallman


    Dymonte Thomas


    Shaq Wiggins

    If I had to guess, all other instate commits will be there as unofficial visitors assuming they don't have a game on Saturday afternoon that would prevent them from making it in time.






  5. I really hope UM nails down most of there remaining recruits next week. But I feel it will drag out alittle longer.

    With UM coaches being so busy this week and weekend the current verbal commits will need to go to work recruiting these kids to UM. Is TRich still taking other visits?

    So when and if UM beats ND this weekend will UM jump into the top 25 like USF did?

  6. Michigan is just outside the top 25, so yes they should be ranked. And TR is not taking visits anywhere else+the coaches are still going hard for Yuri Wright, you can never have too many good corners.

  7. Nevermind about TRich. The Big House Blog.com is reporting he will not be taking anyother visits.

  8. Jer,
    It was posted over the weekend somewhere, I don't recall where, that TR was at the game Saturday, asked if he is visiting elsewhere, and said he is only visiting Michigan.

    MI is something like 37 now, one behind ND.

    That's a lot of spots to jump in one week. If Michigan mops the place with them, after all of the talk about them going undefeated from here on, then yes.

    Otherwise, probably not.

  9. Michigan getting 3.5 points at home?

    I LOVE it.

  10. Good friends with the Obrien family. My little brother played AAU with Dan's older brother.

    From what Ive heard, he really really like Tenn and Bama. He loves the SEC and he also loves to hunt. However, there are some concerns about playing time as well as distance; Bama and Tenn are not the easiest or cheapest places to travel to and MSU or Mich would be much more convenient for both his parents.

    He likes Mattison a lot but also really, really likes Dantonio and at this point feels MSU's program might be a better fit for him.

  11. Thats sad to hear about O'Brien. Hopefully he steers away from Dantonio at the least.

  12. GT,

    On the one hand, I'm very sorry to hear that, because I would love for him to Go Blue.

    On the other hand, I'm not so sure I believe that he has a guaranteed perpetual offer all the way to NSD. At some point, I think he will get a call:
    "We really need to know right now, or someone else is getting your spot." At which point he will say no, either because he wants more time, or has decided on MSU vs the SEC.

    Best of luck to the kid, either way. I have heard nothing but great things about him. If he likes to hunt and fish, no better place for him than the SEC.

  13. Blue,
    I agree with you all the way on O'Brien. He is most likely headed to the SEC. I do wish him the best of luck. We share the same hometown.

  14. Does anybody else get the feeling that some of these recruits are just looking for a free ticket to the first night game at The Big House? I hope that they are really interested in going to UM. If they are not they should stay at home.

    Sidenote it is very cool what UM is doing for Desmond Howard and a past NC UM team this weekend.

  15. Jer,

    Of course some of the recruits are just looking for a free ticket! So would I! Some of the "recruits" are probably ND leans that just want to be there. Others, just want to be there. I think Peat may be one of those, although I still have hope that early PT may keep him interested.

    The same thing will happen next year for the MI-AL game.

    Nice problem to have: Recruits dying to attend your games, to the point that a few feign interest in the program, just to get in the gates!

  16. If being at the Big House for a rivalry game is so amazing (and it is) then these kids might want nothing more than to be on the field playing in it someday. I'm confident that this recruiting class will round out nicely.

    Excited about this weekend but more than a wee bit nervous. Hoping that we're better than others think we are and that Notre Dame is overrated (they usually start out their season that way).

    Can wait for this game....hoping that my drive back from AA to Windsor is a happy one....then up at 4:45am for work....please win, please win, please win!!

  17. I'm glad to read where Woolfolk is unlimited in practice. That's huge for Michigan.

    So far, knock on wood, Michigan has been very fortunate with regard to injuries. If they can get at least half way into the Big Ten schedule without attrition at DB, OL, or DL, they have a legitimate shot at 8-9 wins.

    I'm going to be very interested in seeing how the team improves over the year. My bet is that the coaching is so much better, that there will be noticeable game to game improvements.

    I'm also hoping to see a few offensive surprises unveiled on the Irish. Having Hopkins and Barnum back from the dog house will definitely make a difference, not to mention Boom Boom Gordon. LOVE that kid. I hope his back issue was just a fluke....

  18. Here is a list of potential visitors for this weekend according to Rivals:


    Lyndhurst (Ohio) Brush defensive end Pharaoh Brown

    Novi (Mich.) Detroit Catholic Central defensive end Matthew Godin

    Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone - official visitor

    Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon offensive lineman Erik Magnuson

    Farmington Hills (Mich.) Harrison defensive end Mario Ojemudia

    Cincinnati (Ohio) Oak Hills offensive lineman Caleb Stacey

    Crete-Monee (Ill.) defensive back Anthony Standifer

    Mentor (Ohio) defensive end Tom Strobel

    Cincinnati (Ohio) Sycamore tight end A.J. Williams

    Toledo (Ohio) Whitmer defensive end Chris Wormley

    2013 Warren (Mich.) De La Salle quarterback Shane Morris

    Uncommitted Seniors

    Lakewood (Wash.) Lakes offensive lineman Zach Banner - probable official visitor

    Erie (Pa.) McDowell running back Greg Garmon

    Puyallup (Wash.) offensive lineman Josh Garnett - probable official visitor

    Flint (Mich.) defensive tackle Danny O'Brien

    Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian wide receiver Jordan Payton - official visitor

    Lakewood (Calif.) wide receiver Darius Powe - official visitor

    East Lansing (Mich.) wide receiver Efe Scott-Emuakpor

    Uncommitted Juniors

    Pickerington (Ohio) central defensive end Taco Charlton

    Canton (Mich.) offensive lineman Cameron Dillard

    Midland (Mich.) offensive lineman Steve Elmer

    Hudson (Ohio) linebacker Ben Gedeon

    Grand Blanc (Mich.) defensive end Luke MacLean - maybe

    Toledo (Ohio) St. John's Jesuit defensive end Matt Miller

    Birmingham (Mich.) Brother Rice linebacker Jon Reschke

    Noci (Mich.) Detroit Catholic Central athlete Wyatt Shallman

    Marlington (Ohio) Alliance defensive back/running back Dymonte Thomas

    Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek defensive back Shaquille Wiggins

    There are also several more possible visitors - including Canton (Ohio) GlenOak running back Bri'onte Dunn.

  19. I hope Shane Morris goes to work recruiting some of these Offence guys this weekend.

  20. Take it for what it's worth...
    According to Ace Williams, Dan O'Brien is ready to commit to Michigan...
    "O’Brien is going to let the Michigan coaches know of his intentions on Saturday afternoon. He has apparently texted a couple other 2012 Michigan commitments tonight that he is ready to be a Wolverine, and that news had made its way to the current members of the football team (who then hit me up on Facebook chat)."

  21. I am starting to believe what some of the others on this site have been saying about ACE Williams. And they have not been good things. However if this is true it would be hugh. I am not a big fan of O'Briens. But I do know UM needs another big body in the middle and the coaches like him. So if the coaches like him thats good enough for me. I guess we will wait and see on Saturday.

  22. I have not been an Ace supporter to date. If he calls this one right......I'll have to eat crow and admit I may have been wrong about him.

  23. Just got done watching Efe Scott-Emuakpor's sound mind sound body highlights on rivals, wouldnt mind trying to talk him into walking on our team at 6'5 180 pounds. Never even heard of him before the earlier post.

  24. I was reading Caleb list( nice job). And I am tryin to think of position of need for next years recruiting class. 1 QB Shane Morris,2 WR,2 RB And 2 each O,D linemen. What else does UM need?

  25. I know it doesn't mean a whole lot yet, but Michigans defense was 30th overall in the country after week 1! THAT is a sight for sore eyes! However our offense was 84th. Denard not throwing the ball was the large part of that, we did have nearly 200 yards rushing, but only 100 passing wont get the job done next week.

  26. Rankings are a bit askew since we only played almost 3 quarters and the bad weather. Defense ranking would drop a bit and offense would be a bit higher. Just a thought.

  27. While I admit ND will be tough, I feel they have been tough recently, and this year should be no different. ND has sucked, and so has michigan, so it's been pretty even, and I think this year is no different. That being said, I believe Michigan will win a close one, which is even more beneficial for the recruiting. If it's a close game, the atmosphere will be that more electric.

  28. I think ND is one of the, if not THE most consistently over rated teams in the NCAA.

    I see NO indication that Kelly has any ability to develop the talent that was stockpiled by Weis. Say what you want about Charlie, and I know people on the inside at South Bend that ALL despised him, but he delivered on NSD, if not on game day.

    As I posted before, I believe that Weis's kids are not buying into the new regime's program.

    I think it's more likely that he loses the team completely, and finishes with 5 or 6 wins, than he goes undefeated for the rest of the season, like Holtz proclaims.

    I may be wrong, but i think Rees is one year too young. This ND team is much more like the one we unexpectedly beeyatch slapped in Ann Arbor when Quinn was a young buck, than the one that bit us back when he came of age before our very eyes 1 year later.

  29. I agree with BM

    ND is considerably overrated every year. However they did rack up plenty of yards, and the talent is there. I agree I don't think they will go undefeated, maybe 7-8 wins. I think what I'm afraid of, is losing at home to them, in prime time, in the night game atmosphere. That wouldn't be good at all.

  30. Lal,

    I agree, a loss would be painful, especially for those of us with homer domer partners!

    But, I keep reminding myself, and my fellow fans: We are witnessing a Phoenix in bloom. The feathers are barely drying, let alone ready for complete unfurling, and full flight.

    As long as they always try their hardest, never quit, and show steady improvement, I'll take whatever W-L record comes this year.

    He's building it. They are coming.

    GREAT things will happen. But, along the way, I'm going to have weeks where I can't bear to watch ESPN.

    No matter what, I already have one such week picked out: The week prior to our incomprehensible "grudge match" against Appalachian State.

    I'm going pacifisct Kaczynski that week.

  31. yea, I might just put my self in a coma for that APP st week

  32. Blue,
    I agree with you 100%.

  33. 2 things

    Doesn't Steve Elmer just sound like a Michigan Lineman?

    and if you haven't seen it yet, head to mgoblog and watch TomVH interview Shane Morris. This kids got an arm like Henry Rowengardner.

  34. Good article in the Freep about Floyd. It distills done to him saying "We take whatever they gives us."

    Saturday's game is going to fascinating to watch. Mattison must consistently disguise coverages to make the young Rees think Michigan is giving one thing when he's under center, only to take it away at the snap.

    If Michigan can't do that effectively, and if they can't generate a rush, Floyd's NFL draft day highlight reel with contain more than a few grabs in the Big House.

    Either way, he's going to have a big game. It's just a question of whether it's a good individual statistical game in a loss, or an epic performance in a season defining win for his team.

    Even though I hate them, I have to respect them...

  35. Bad news for me: I have to work Saturday :( Is there an app or anything that will let me watch game? Help!!!!!!

  36. Good read, courtesy of PeterKlima @ MGoBlog:


  37. tupac,

    If you have net access, you should be able to watch on line.

    If you only have a smart phone, and 3G or Wi-Fi, look into Slingmedia's products. I've had Slingboxes since they came out, and use the mobile apps for my iPhone and/or iPad, and they work like a charm. (Not a magically delicious lucky charm, this week)

    I've had a lot of fun with new-found friends watching MI games in airports!

  38. Its being reported that Garnett and Powe will not be able to attend the game this week.

  39. Tupac,
    Not sure if this will help you are not.
    Watch: ESPN, ESPN3.com/WatchESPN

    Listen: Notre Dame ISP Sports Network, WWJ-AM 950, MGoBlue.com Audio Stream

  40. Why does Michigan have to depend SO much on Ohio
    for players? And coaches? All schools recruit nationally but
    Michigan relies on Ohio more than their own state. Why?
    aren't their any quality coaches from michigan? Bo was born
    and raised in Ohio, Hoke too and now he is scouring
    Ohio for players. It's the university of Michigan, not Ohio State North!!!

  41. another Dan O'Brien update, so glad to read, do not take me wrong, I like all that has to do with O'Brien and that is why I also visit this price per head regularly