Friday, 23 September 2011

SDSU Preview

Once again there won't be any major prospects on campus for this game, so the preview will once again focus on the actual football, what a shame! Sidenote: Getting early commitments is great, but it really does kill recruiting in the fall, there's virtually nothing to talk about!

Anyway, onto SDSU!

In my preseason prediction, I had this down as a win, and whilst Michigan hasn't really impressed in my eyes, I don't see any reason to change this forecast. I will say though, that it should be a very close game, especially if Michigan gets yet another slow start on both sides of the ball.

SDSU has a good QB and RB, so I'm expecting them to put up a lot of points, probably over 25; with most of them coming in the first half. Their defense however, is not so good, and Michigan should be able to move the ball quite easily against Rocky Long's 3-3-5, especially on the ground.

Michigan's defense should get better as the game goes on and hopefully they will be able to pressurize Ryan Lindley into some mistakes. I think Michigan wins the turnover battle, and eventually moves the ball with ease on the ground, eating up some clock in the 4th quarter to see out the win.

Prediction: Michigan 38: SDSU 28

Ohh, and don't forget to cheer for Missouri, because if they knock Oklahoma off the top spot it could really help us with Zach Banner and Jordan Payton, both of whom are visiting the sooners this weekend.


  1. Oklahoma will run all over Mizzou. However Banner and Payton will still go Blue. It's coo to see Banner AND Payton taking the official together especially when they both were @ the ND game. I do recall Payton saying he wants to form something similar to the "Fab Five" from the West. Banner (WA), Garnett (WA), Shaq Thompson (CA-forgot the site but supposedly he's trying to set an offical to UM?). Very interesting. Bottom line, I've been following UM Football since the mid 80's and this is by far the best recruiting class to me. Period. I was skeptical when Brady Hoke was hired (I honestly didn't mind RR); but DAMN. Hoke is very impressive and passionate for UM. "I like that". Hoping they can reel in Yuri Wright.

  2. Hey Cass, what exactly about the WCIMFH (worse coach in M football history)didn't you mind? You like losing? WCIMFH will be how I refer to him from now on, on this site, I can't even refer to him by his initials.

    We will win this game 27-17 I'm thinking, our Defense now makes adjustments because of superior coaching, something the WCIMFH didn't have in him.

    And Benji, maybe you can refer to your site as M Football Recruiting and More, cause that's what it really is essentially.

  3. I think UM will surprise UM fans this week. The D will step up and hold SDSU under 17. And the O can't be stopped. They put up 35. Have I lost my mind? LOL

  4. Wow. Dernards passing is really sucking today.

  5. well let me tell you one dear dear blogger, your prediction was not bad at all, in fact I used it to my advantage and I made some good money through price per head wagering :D