Saturday, 3 September 2011

Best time of the year!

Watching Utah State beating Auburn and still going for a fake field on 4th down, I realized how much I love college football! It's such a long offseason, but the wait has been worth it.

Let's hope the Wolverines can polish off WMU and get ready for the Irish next week!

Go Blue!


  1. Hoping USF polishes off the Irish too and kills their ridiculous preseason ranking, but it'd be better for Blue if they were still ranked when we beat them next week.

  2. I am loving it college football is the best. But it could be along season on D.

  3. I hope everyone is safe at the Big House and get home safe as well.

  4. 34-10
    would have been 48-10.

    Go Blue!

  5. After that first drive on defense I thought our defense was going to be like the defense from last year. Then Mattison called some pretty good blitz plays and we got pressure on Carder which in turn forced some turnovers. I know that wasn't a perfect game by any means by our defense but for the first game under a new defensive coordinator I thought our defense played pretty well

  6. I was pleased to see a noticeable improvement in fundamentals. There were actual solid open field tackles. It was also nice to see some gametime adjustments my the coaching staff. There is still significant work to be done, but I thought they looked like they are on the right road.

    Having the game called early cost us some time on the field, but then again there's that much less film for ND to study.

  7. Our kick off coverage has to get better.

    But it's great to have college football back!

  8. What were the reactions of the recruits at the game besides damn it rains hard in michigan

  9. Does anybody know what freshmen got playing time. I know Brennan Beyer got in on the first series. And what do you think about red-shirting Devin Gardner so he gets to start at least 2 years. I think Russell Bellomy is a viable backup

  10. I am not completely unhappy with the D. THe first couple of serice I thought here we go again. Then coach Mattison called for the blitz and I started to see what this D will turn into. Hopefuly sooner then later. It was great to see turnovers and pressure on the QB. I am sure Carder will be seeing blitzing UM players in his nightmare. The D was on the field along time thats not good. To bad for Woolfolk.

    The O did not get much playing time but liked good. DRob could have lead his receivers alittle more. Big holes by the O line. JR could of had the ball thrown to him alittle more.

    special teams were still BAD. Need to fill the spaces better.

    Would have liked to see them finish the game just to get more playing time. But safety is more inportant. Hope everyone got home safe.

  11. Where was Tay Odoms

  12. Anybody think that Kovacs hit should be on sportscenter?

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  15. You all covered my thoughts on gameplay. Especially kick coverage needing improvement and there already being a huge stride made in open field tackling.
    The main thing I watched for after the delay was Woolfolk and he ran on the field with the rest of the team. Fully padded too. Think it was just precautionary. But that is purely opinion. He surely doesn't need to be playing special teams anyway.
    As for a Gardner RS... He already received a medical for last season so he is technically a Frosh right now and Denard will be done after next year so that gives him 2 years. That is if Morris doesn't come in and steal his spot (which I would prefer to see) anyway.
    Final thought. Rain in the Big House makes fun 1 heck of a time. The place was nuts after the 1st delay. Just Western but gaurantee this will be 1 of my most memorable games of all time. After all, it was the 1st cancellation in Big House history I hear?
    Good night all. And GO BLUE!

  16. hey guys, does anyone know what recruits were there...I don't have a subscription to any recruiting sites

  17. I don't have access to sites either, but from what I can recall off top of my head most of the guys scheduled to come today either rescheduled for next week or later in season. Sorry that's not much of a help.

    2012 Commit Farmington Hills (Mich.) Harrison tight end Devin Funchess
    2012 Commit Rockford (Mich.) Ben Braden
    2012 Commit Detroit (Mich.) Catholic Central defensive end Matt Godin
    2012 Commit Sylvania (Ohio) Southview safety Allen Gant
    2013 Commit Warren (Mich.) De La Salle quarterback Shane Morris
    2012 Flint (Mich.) Powers Catholic defensive tackle Danny O'Brien
    2012 Fenton (Mich.) kicker Kenny Allen
    2013 Ottawa (Ill.) Marquette long-snapper Scott Sypniewski
    2013 Canton (Mich.) offensive lineman Cameron Dillard
    2013 Grand Blanc (Mich.) defensive end Luke MacLean
    2013 Detroit (Mich.) Catholic Central athlete Wyatt Shallman
    2013 Chelsea (Mich.) running back Berkeley Edwards (son of former Wolverine Stan, brother of Braylon)

    2013 Commit Detroit (Mich.) Chandler Park point guard Derrick Walton
    2012 Chesteron (Ind.)/Brewster Academy (N.H.) center Mitch McGary - Official visitor
    2014 Grand Rapids (Mich.) Christian shooting guard Drake Harris
    2014 Normal (Ill.) University forward Keita Bates-Diop
    2014 Kentwood (Mich.) Grand Rapids Christian power forward DaRohn Scott
    2014 Merrillville (Ind.) Lake Central power forward Tyler Wideman
    2015 Franklin (Ohio) small forward Luke Kennard

    via tim sullivan

  19. Hey guys I am new but I am been following all summer... Not a big blogger just because I work for a national sports network but I thought I might help with some questions.

    Woolfolk was injured. He his left ankle got rolled up (not the one he hurt last year). He looked great while he was in there. Three tackles from what I remember.

    Gardner is still eligable for a medical redshirt, but he won't know for sure if he gets it until after his senior year. If you remember the same thing happen to Jason White (OU) and Daryll Clark (PSU).

    Odoms was injured much of camp and I think he just fell behind Grady and Dileo. Grady had a nice catch and has earned respect with his solid hands and route running.

    In this AP report several players were held out. Reasons given below.

    *** ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - Michigan coach Brady Hoke has decided
    not to allow starting offensive guard Ricky Barnum to be in uniform
    for the opener.
    The school said Barnum, backup running back Stephen Hopkins and
    reserve linebacker Marell Evans would not play Saturday against
    Western Michigan because of a team matter.
    Starting linebacker Cam Gordon wasn't expected to play because
    of a back injury. ***

    As for freshmen I will have to get back to you.

  20. Thanks Todd. I was way off. Lol. There were some big names that switched pretty recently though I think.

  21. Troy Woolfolk had a sprained ankle but was able to play if they needed him, Hoke said in a press conference. Think of how much better we would've been with our starting LG and SLB and rotation MLB and rotation SR