Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Key Recruits

There's five spots left, but the class is still somewhat hard to predict because of two recruits; Brionte Dunn and Alex Kozan.

Firstly, let's look at who we have a realistic shot with (in my view): Alex Kozan, Brionte Dunn, Yuri Wright, Jehu Chesson, Armani Reeves, Sam Grant. (If Grant stays with BC, Michigan will go after J.P Holtz).

Right now I think we'll end up with Chesson, Reeves and Grant; we are in a very good position for all three. Chesson is deciding probably within a week, and Grant could decide at any moment. If Armani Reeves visits in the next two weeks, he could also pull the trigger soon. After this it gets interesting:

- Michigan really wants a 6th offensive lineman because our depth is so bad, therefore if Kozan wants to commit, they'll take him and be left with one spot between Dunn and Wright, which is not ideal. Given that Yuri Wright is taking official visits up until the last week of January, its looking like Michigan won't have room for him in the class, presuming Dunn is already on board.

- Speaking of Dunn; now that he's not enrolling early, he's delayed his visit to Michigan. He's now got plenty of time to pick out a date in January, and if he picks it 2-3 weeks in advance, you can bet the likes of Kyle Kalis/other Ohio commits will try to make it in too.

So to conclude: Kozan is likely to decide before Dunn, and Dunn is likely to decide before Wright. Which means the only way Dunn and Wright end up in the class together is if Kozan goes elsewhere and Michigan can't find another offensive lineman.

We're not completely out of it for Garnett and Diamond, although personally I don't like our chances with either right now. However if Kozan does in fact commit elsewhere, Michigan could make a last ditch attempt during signing week for both these guys, even if it means leaving out Wright.

Sixth OL > Third CB

Hope this makes sense!


  1. Is Dunn prolonging his visit to Michigan a good or bad thing?

    also, if Dunn doesnt commit, will Michigan pursue another tailback?

  2. I'd rather just drop Dunn. He's a great player, but not taking him seems to have more advantages than taking him. He won't be effective at Ohio, we're already deep at RB with Fitz and Rawls, not to mention the coaches dropped in on Ty Isaac today per Sam Webb, and Yuri Wright should be #1 on our wishlists right now. He looks like he has all the physical tools needed to be a star corner, and would most likely earn immediate playing time.

  3. So this is the likely order of the commits?
    Kozan/Other OL

  4. Its all over for Dunn. So now UM can focus on player that will help the team.

  5. Yuri Wright committed to The Ohio State!!! I'd check that 2013 wish list and start crossing off the cream of the crop. That's reserved for Urban.

  6. anyone who posts as Anonymous and makes flaming comments is a punk bitch...btw Wright has not committed to OSU moron...he hasn't even visited. Dunn however has reaffirmed his commitment...enjoy sharing time in an offense that doesn't feature running backs lol. BTW hello Ty Isaac ;-)

  7. Yuri was the second call (after Dunn) that Meyer made and will be the last school he visits (told this was a done deal). I'm betting on a two bagger with Darius Hamilton & Yuri Wright. The Nohah Spence verbal just makes it more tempting to be part of this defense.

    Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep standout Yuri Wright, the nation’s top-ranked cornerback according to 247Sports, went into the Meyer morning with Michigan and Rutgers as his top two. 

A call from the new coach of the Buckeyes could change everything.

    “Heck yeah,” Wright stated when asked if he is now interested in the Buckeyes.

  8. Weird thing is Yuri Wright has been a Michigan fan his whole life. Greg Mattison will reassure him as to why Urban Meyer was such a good coach and has such a good defense at Florida. He will tell him

    "Yuri I am no longer Urban's d-coordinator therefore that great chance of becoming great in his defense is slim to none. Remember I was the one that went and coached in the NFL like the kids that play in my scheme. We won't mention where Urban went after Florida, or how good my defense was with and without him." :)

  9. from what I read on a host pay per head website, I think that Alex Kozan was a good transfer, he is a very fine player and can help a lot to his team