Sunday, 4 December 2011

We're going to a BCS Bowl Game!!!

This, apart from the victory over Ohio State, is one of the most exciting moments I've witnessed as a Michigan fan. This was meant to be a transition year, but the team has pulled off a ten win season and made it to the BCS Sugar Bowl to face Virginia Tech.

A BCS bowl is a big deal for a lot of reasons. Firstly you get to showcase your team on the national stage, or as Dave Brandon puts it, help spread the Michigan 'brand'. It's also great news for recruiting, as hundreds of future prospects will watch Michigan compete on a big stage against a good opponent.

I haven't watched much of Virginia Tech, but they haven't beaten anyone good, and they've received a beatdown from Clemson....twice! Hearing this, I'm reasonably confident at this early stage that Michigan can pull off the win, and this would be huge for the program as it would really confirm that Michigan is back.


  1. Agreed benji! Tears of joy almost!

    I think we have one of the most favorible matchups of the bcs games....not sayn it'll be ez but its better then playin ok state or standford...

    Even the fact that we are here this ealry in hokes tenure just proves that we aren't going anywhere but up!

    Go blue!

  2. This is great for UM and for the player they deserve it. I like UM in this game as long as the D plays like they did against Ill. and Neb. they should winn this one.

  3. I've been watching Michigan football since 88. If Michigan wins this BCS game,it will be the 2nd(97 of course) most successful season in 23 years! Not because of the 11 wins but what everyone thought this team would do and the fact its Hoke's first year. Like at where this team was 2 years ago. Now look where we are at. Unreal!!!

  4. Yeah our D would have got owned by Luck or OSU. We've made improvements, but handling offenses like those might have been a step too far.

  5. Benji,
    24/7 sports is saying UM will get Evan Goodman last OV. Do you know anything about this?

  6. hell yeah!! good for you and I wish I could have gone with you guys, but sadly I could not go that day since I had to read some cost per head articles and write a review :(