Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Quick Yuri Wright Update

Four star CB Yuri Wright's top two schools are apparently Michigan and....the Colorado Buffaloes; according to the tweet of a analyst. Why Colorado? Well they have one of Wright's former teammates on their roster, and I guess it can't hurt that they recently sent CB Jimmy Smith to the NFL in the first round of the draft.

But still...Colorado?!! Other schools will still get visits, like Rutgers and maybe Georgia, but Michigan seemingly has a great chance to lure him in now. As mentioned yesterday, Wright plans to visit Michigan in January, and hopefully he'll make a decision in the week after that.

Yuri is a four star recruit on ESPN, but he carries a rating of 82 and a ranking of 40th overall in the country, which would make him our top commitment should he jump on board. He also plays on a high school team that is ranked #1 in the country, so he's got a winning mentality! At 6'1 and 185lbs, Wright would provide Michigan with a big CB, and someone who could really push for playing time as a freshman.

ESPN list his positive traits as Man-to-Man coverage, Zone Coverage, Instincts, and Run Support. Combine that with the fact that they mention he has excellent top end speed, and we have all the characteristics of a top cornerback.


  1. That would be very bad if we lost him to Colorado!! Doubtful though. Glad his last two aren't Michigan and LSU, or Alabama, that might be scarier. Anyways, I just read that Justice Hayes is moving to the slot come Spring Ball. Benji, have you heard this?

  2. Looks like Yuri has officials scheduled for the next two weekends with Colorado and Notre Dame. Notre Dame hasn't even offered him yet and they already have 2 stud CB's coming in next year, but if Yuri shows interest i bet they offer him. That would give the Irish 3 of the top 5 CB's in the nation according to

    I hope Michigan is his last visit. I would think Cal, Rutgers, and Michigan will be his last 3 official visits.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if UM doesn't take another OL commit. Not that we wouldn't take them, but rather that it wouldn't surprise me if priorities were placed elsewhere. With so much energy focused on taking a TE something had to have changed? So what changed? I think AJ Williams has decided that he is seeing and understanding his potential as an OLineman (rated higher than Stacey, Braden and Bars as an OL on a few sites). The staff seemed content with two TE commits a month ago, Funchess and Williams, and then PBrown wanted to flip to TE from DE and the staff said fine. We all know what happened with Brown and that he is no longer a UM commit and with Williams being okay with a move to OL we have a hole at TE now. The only commitment I see coming soon is a WR (probably Chesson or Payton) in the next few days. I think Dunn WILL go Blue and that will be our Christmas present and the last two spots will be held for any of the top OL prospects, Yuri Wright, Diggs or a TE.

    I would love to see some reconciliation with Brown (Rivals #11 TE) and the staff, but I have a feeling that it won't happen based on principle. Unfortunately, due to the Brown mess, we will probably get a much less heralded TE recruit.

    Our last 4 will be:
    Chesson (Dec. 15th)
    Dunn (December 23rd)
    Wright (NSD)
    Garnett (NSD)

  4. Interesting about Hayes. I was thinking the other day that he might end up transfering given his size not being as suited to the transitioning offense, the depth at RB, and possibility of Dunn coming in. I was just re-reading his scouting report - blue chip speed and elusiveness, as good as it gets agility, and good hands. I would love to see him in the slot if RB doesn't work out for him. Punt and kick return would also seem to be a natural fit.

  5. Hayes and Stonum as returners is what has me most extied for next year (or by some miracle we pull in Diggs). Stonum is a very good kick returner and Hayes has the elusiveness to be a dynamic punt returner.

    On the Yuri Wright front, I saw an article on Rivals about Yuri Wright and his stock is slipping after a very average senior season. He was listed as the #11 recruit in the STATE of New Jersey! Article states that he has all the ability in the world but doesn't seem to care too much about football. He also didn't play football as a sophomore simply because he didn't want to. His focus and desire to be great is being called into question.

  6. QB - Denard
    FB - Hopkins
    RB - Fitz
    WR - Roundtree
    WR - Stonum
    TE - Moore
    LT - Lewan
    LG - barnum
    RG - Omamah
    RT - Schofield
    C - Khoury?
    DE - Roh
    DE - Brink
    DT - Washington
    DT - Campbell
    LB- Ryan
    LB - Demens
    LB - Morgan
    CB - Countess
    CB - Floyd
    S - Gordon
    S - Kovacs

    Think this will be the starters next season? If not, who/what do you think will be different? Maybe some Freshman start again next year? But who gets beatin out?

  7. In the past, I've noticed that ESPN doesnt hand out Four star \ 80+ ratings for our recruits. it would be welcomed that we have a player that ESPN has coveted. But then again, is this ESPN east coast bias in the ratings? I dont know but i want this guy so we can add more talent to our defense. I love big physical corners that can make their presence felt. Don't get me wrong, but I am not sure the 5"8 corners we pick up from Cass each year can do that straight from high school. I think we found a gem in Countess and we can keep that momentum going with another highly touted corner from the east coast.

  8. @e2, I'd like to see some open competition at LB. Joe Bolden appears to be a monster on the outside, and James Ross is a tackling machine. And open competition on D-line. I'd think Ondre Pipkins could earn some playing time along with Tom Strobel or Chris Wormley.

  9. @e2b

    I can see Kalis starting next year. I think Pipkins could compete for a starting job and take Washingtons spot. And I am sure if Morgan will start next year with the stable of LBs we have coming in. Morgan got targeted a lot in the Ohio game. I am not convinced he has the speed / talent to hold that spot down.

  10. @fursty, I agree. I liked the line of martin, van bergen, roh, and heininger. next years just doesn't look that great. campbell is in danger of bein a bust, and roh just doesn't do it for me. I believe they moved beyer to LB but i wonder if they would put him back at DE.

  11. Morgan's speed is a definite concern. The good news is that if either Ryan or Morgan begin to struggle, there are talented freshmen able to replace them.

    @d_ronni, I had completely forgotten about Kalis. With his size (6'5, 300lbs) he should be physically ready with the skill set and technique needed to start.

  12. This is from The Big house Blog.
    •TE Recruiting: Michigan is serious about recruiting a tight end and has just offered Kyle Kalis teammate Sam Grant. There is a chance Kyle and Sam could take their officials to Ann Arbor this weekend. Sam is a 6'6 TE and verballed to BC right now. It's clear that Michigan wants another TE in this class and that want a commit sooner rather then later. Does anybody know anything about this kid? Good or bad.

    And 5th. quarter is reporting that.
    OL Alex Kozan will be visting #Michigan this weekend. This is good.

  13. @d_ronii Morgan also ended up with the most tackles in the Ohio game. I think there is a good chance he moves to inside linebacker and may over take a senior Demens who struggled this year. I also think Pipkens gets a lot of playing time and so will Bolden,Wormley and Strobes. Moving Hayes to the slot is a very smart move. He is perfect for that spot. One last thing don't forget about Macnamera at TE. I think Michigan has a better shot then many think.

  14. I think everyone is for getting about a LB who would have started all year if he wasn't injured. Cam Gordon was our best LB last year and very well could of been the best this year if he didn't have back problems. If he is healthy next year and it looks like he is getting better making plays on special teams I would say he will be a big factor next year. I would keep Ryan where he is at and move Cam Gordon over and take Morgan's spot. He was one of the hardest if not the hardest hitter on the team last year. He can't play Safety we found that out but when he is around the ball he makes plays. He has speed that you cant teach someone like Morgan to have. I would move Morgan to MLB where his slower speed wont be as much of a factor. Remember at the beginning of the year Cam Gordon beat out Jake Ryan for the starting spot that says a lot.

  15. @e2

    I would change..
    DE - Jibreel Black, not Brink
    LB - Gordon over Morgan.
    CB - Avery instead of Floyd
    FB - Dunno, I think Hopkins could transfer

    And of course Kalis, Pipkins etc could compete for starting time. Same with the LB's we're bringing in.

  16. @ballad4sho how much was Cam having back problems this season? the dude played Kickoff coverage. I heard that he couldn't earn his way back. I agree we need more speed in the OLB position

  17. @lalandtm

    Why would you think that Floyd wouldnt start? He was dominate in the Illinois game against AJ Jenkins who is a great WR and was good in almost every other game. Avery wont start over him.

  18. lalondtm I like the Black over Brink, like others have said Gordon couldn't earn back the starting spot, Haven't heard anything about Hopkins transferring but they have Houma (#6FB) comin in if he does, or hell maybe even Rawls...just a thought. Kalis I would assume gets some PT but to start as a true freshman and our line has experience, i dunno. Pipkins seems the likliest to earn a starting spot, and lets see if ross or JR-S could get Morgan's spot. But the Avery over Floyd thing, i will have to respectfully disagree with ya on that. I like Floyd, and he's their number 1 corner right now. #2 will be countess of course.

  19. One reason Cam Gordon isn't playing is because Jake Ryan is in the same position. I dont understand why he isn't moved over to the other LB position. If he playes like he did last year then he is alot better than Morgan. Morgan is young so its expected but OSU went after him and won more times than they lost. Cam Gordon must not be a 100 percent or he would be playing over Morgan just my opinion. You watch the film of Gordon playing LB last year and Morgan playing this year and its not even close who is better. Cam Gordon didnt start playing until MSU so thats about half way through the season. My guess is he just has never felt 100 percent and he is behind from not practicing enough. I still think if he has no injuries he will be starting for us next year.

  20. Todd and Lalondtm

    I sat through every home game and this was my take on Floyd. He reminded me of Gallon in 2010. Every time he touched the ball you wondered which of his football personalities would be out there. Very inconsistent.

    Glad to say that Gallon became and impact player. I'm hoping Floyd does the same. I believe he has the potential to be better than Avery every week but right now......he isn't (not every week).

    They'll both have to earn the spot.

  21. yea, I dunno about Floyd. I agree with GBN, sometime he shows up and does well, but too often (it seems) he's getting beat on every deep route. Maybe a full year of coaching will help fix that, and I'm sure it will. I honestly think Countess will be our #1 corner, then it's between Avery/Floyd, whoever looks best by the time 2012 season rolls around. I trust the coaches to make the better decision.

    About Cam Gordon. He wasn't playing until the MSU game, but you're right, he never got any time on the field, and it wouldn't seem that they would put him on kick coverage if he wasn't healthy. Who knows. I really hope he develops this off season because I still think he could be something special, hes way more athletic/speed than any other RB on our roster. I see Gordon being a Kovacs type of player, CAN play coverage if necessary, but is better near the line of scrimmage.

  22. Recruit Decision Dates

    I have copied this from "Hart20" over on MGoBlog. I apologize for the formatting or lack of (it was a table):

    "Jehu Chesson - December 21st or 22nd
    Jordan Diamond - February (National Signing Day)
    Bri'onte Dunn - By the end of December (Early Enrollee)
    Joshua Garnett - January 25th or 26th
    Zach Banner - January 14th
    Jordan Payton - Unknown. Visiting Cal on December 9th. Likely to take his time making a decision.
    Darius Powe - January 5th at the Under Armour All-American game.
    Yuri Wright - January 7th at U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Note: Decision date may be moved back. Tentative official visit to Michigan scheduled on January 13th. (Thanks, Waggles)
    Monty Madaris - Unknown. Taking official to Michigan in early January, decision likely sometime after that.
    Taylor McNamara - Late December or early January. Possibly January 7th at the U.S. Army All American Bowl.
    Alex Kozan - By the end of December."

    If we can pick up three of any of these and a wildcard, I'd call that a good closing.

  23. Lalondtm

    I never even mentioned Countess but totally agree. He impressed far more often than not. He looked great for a true freshman and showed signs of improvement each week.

  24. speaking of hart20, It was cool to see Mike Hart on the big house screen for the entrance video for the osu game. Anybody else get to watch it? They brought back some big names.

    Considering Mike Hart's comments about not paying attention to Michigan, that he was fully into EMU, bla bla bla

    These pregame hype videos always give me chills!


    vote for Hoke!

    I don't think there is anyway were are going to catch Bill Snyder though. Hoke currently sits in 2nd place by about 400 votes, but Snyder is in first place by about 8000 votes lol

  26. So the linebackers were a huge improvement this year, and people are clamoring for backups that started on a bad defense the prior year?

    Seriously, Jake Ryan and Desmond Morgan know how to pursue the ball, and tackle. They are football players. As far as I saw in 2010, Cam Gordon was not that good -- good enough to overcome the kind of year the other LBs on the roster had. Kenny Demens was the best in 2010, but fell off this year like Ezeh did. Perhaps we have a MLB curse?

    Thomas Gordon needs to make less mistakes. The big plays at the end of the year and the beginning of the year in the ND game came from his side of the field. Perhaps Allen Gant can come in and compete with him for the Free Safety job. Gordon makes some plays but he also has to many mental errors for my taste.

    BWC played well this year, and he eats up a lot of space. He seemed to be motivated out there, enjoying himself. I think he'll have a monster senior year. Black and Roh both had up and down years. One of them has to develop into a Woodley/Graham, and I'd bet on Black.

    If Hopkins transfers, good for him. He shouldn't be getting hand offs anymore. He fumbled two or three times in a short span of carries this year. Turnovers are what kill. He can take his murderous hands elsewhere, and perhaps he'll have success. I want Hopkins to stay, though, and get better.

  27. @ Professor A

    Thomas Gordon didn't give up very many big plays at the end of the year. He didn't even start at the end of the year. The two passing TD's during the OSU game were on Troy Wolfoolk. I think he will be much better next year. This was his first year playings safety. If he had to many mental errors for your taste then I dont know why you would want to be talking about Allen Gant a true freshmen starting.

  28. This might be relevant for this thread. @rivalsmike is reporting that Armani Reeves will be visiting next weekend.

  29. dont know if anyone has mentioned this but Armani Reeves is trying to get to Ann Arbor for a visit. I think we are looking back into him since the departure of a couple secondary players this year.

  30. @kellwood


  31. Yuri Wright and Armani Reeves are reportedly going to arm wrestle for the CB spot. News and film at 11. This is a win-win. Is it just me or does it look like the coaches want this class filled before NSD.

    This is simply a personal thing but I like the kids that do their homework and once they decide what's best for them, they commit. Waiting for NSD kind of stinks of "hey look at me".

    Looking for others thoughts. Do we start taking our 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th choices or take the pick of the litter and save one or two spots for NSD hoping for that rock star commit and knowing that we can always "settle" (I hate that word) then.

  32. armani reeves is good, but I would take Yuri Wright over him any day. He's a better coverage guy, he's 5 inches taller but he's just as fast as reeves. Wright gives us the build of a dominate corner because of his size, Reeves gives us another CB under 6 ft, don't we have like 10 of those already??

  33. Agreed but out of curiosity and based on the rest of my post.....would you start taking our second picks or hold out. As of right now I think we might be #1 in Wright's eyes but would you chance it.

  34. @balla ... that's right, Woolfolk did move over to replace Gordon, because Gordon wasn't as effective. Woolfolk played FS badly at the end, Gordon at the front end.

    Still, one cannot assume that Gant is going to be mentally less prepared simply because he's a freshman. Mike Hart was prepared to play as a freshman, as was Craig Roh, Mike Martin, Tate Forcier, etc.

    I tend to trust the coaches play the best players, and neither Gordon was one of them by the end of the year. True freshman or fifth-year career benchers get equal shots. Look at Gibbons turnaround, for example. Dude went from blowing the ball like wind to regularly nailing it.

    As for those who think Floyd not as good as Avery -- why are the coaches starting JT, then? Avery seemed to bite a lot on double moves in the nickel. Floyd isn't my favorite, but he is solid in handling the best WR on each team.

    The Gordons are two players that I don't see as solidified starters, still. I respect Thomas Gordon's one-handed INT but there were two or three plays where I saw a WTF is he doing to every play he did something right.

  35. I wonder if M will get back into Armani Reeves, another 4* corner, who decommited from Penn St.
    M was on him heavy last spring.

  36. oh I read a similar update on Yuri Wright the other day on a price per head bookmaking blog and I like yours better ;)