Friday, 9 December 2011

Who should win the Heisman?

This year's Heisman trophy race is a really close call, so I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys think. On the right of the blog is a poll, vote away!

Personally I think Monte Ball should win it, based on his insane stats. He's a touchdown machine, and he's done it against some pretty good defenses too. This may sound harsh, but I just hope Trent Richardson doesn't win it, because if he does it'll show how truly bias the media is to the SEC.
Monte Ball has superior numbers in pretty much every rushing statistic; he's even thrown a touchdown pass! When Richardson has played teams with traditionally good defenses, like Penn St and LSU, he's averaged 4.3YPA and 3.9YPA respectively. Whereas Monte Ball torched the PSU defense for 156 yards and 3TDs at 6.2YPA. Alright Penn St might have been a worse team at that stage in the season, but its a considerable jump in performance nonetheless. Ball also rushed for 100+ yards at over 5.0YPA against Michigan State....twice, and the Spartans had a pretty good D this year. So yeah, that's why I don't think Richardson should win, but he probably will because the media think "oh, I'll take the SEC guy because SEC defenses are sooooooo fast and sooooo physical!!!!".

In choosing between the quarterbacks, its really a toss up with RG3 and Luck. I think RG3 has better numbers, but you have to give Luck credit for basically running his own offense, making calls at the line of scrimmage etc, it's impressive to watch in college. Neither of them have a great supporting cast, so perhaps one of them should win, given they were most valuable to their team.

The wildcard entry is Tyrann Mathieu, a defensive back out of LSU. Its kind of cool to say that the only defensive Heisman winner came from Michigan, and I don't really want that to change. The honey badger only has two interceptions this year, and I don't even think he's that good of a cover corner - isn't Claiborne their best cover guy? Mathieu does have the big play ability though, forcing fumbles and returning punts.
I don't see him winning it, although he'll have a great chance next year as a junior...


  1. I would love to see montae win...but my guess is he finishes last....makes sense tho guy with best stats finishes last...I'm thinkin that rg3 is gonna taake it....everyone talks aboout heisman moments and this guy had plenty of em...altho everyone on the heisman ballot has...but luck wouldn't suprise me, but I think that hype was all from last year....not saying he's not good but he wasn't as good as last year

  2. I seriously doubt anyone from the big ten can win the heisman with the bad press they have got from ESPN. I would say it will be either Andrew Luck, or Trent Richardson.

  3. This is pissing me off, RGIII plays in a conference that doesn't play good defense across the board, in one game where he was hurt, his back-up came in and tore it up because Baylor has a lot of skill guys, I disagree big time with you Benji on Baylor being similar to Stanford in that they don't have skill guys, Art Briles can coach and he's been recruiting well and he's in Texas for goodness sakes.

    Trent Richardsons' stats don't impress me very much, everyone talks about how great the SEC is, to me there is only 1 great team (LSU), 1 really good team (Bama), 2 pretty decent teams (ARK & Georgia) and that's it, who else is impressive? Maybe S. Car. is pretty good, who really knows.

    Mathews doesn't deserve the Heisman, he's a hell of a player but there's not enough there. Ball is really good, he gets the ball a lot.

    To me it's not even close, Luck is the reason that team is 11-1, without him they're a 7-5 or 6-6 team at best. The guy is mobile, tough, cerebral, can make the touch pass, the zip pass and is a leader. Furthermore he lost his coach in Harbaugh, who people refer to as the best QB coach in the game. Who do you guys think is going to be the 1st draft pick next April?

    If Luck does not win this thing, it will be a travesty, a sham and a mockery. A stupid popularity contest.

  4. I'd be happy with either Ball or Luck winning it. If Ball does win (highly unlikely), I don't think anyone can complain, his numbers this year are simply outrageous.

  5. The best offensive player in the country this year. (The qb from Baylor) Matthieu doesn't play offense like Woodson did, Wisconsin is a better team than Baylor but its not the Baylor qbs fault his defense sucks. Trent Richardson is on a better team but he didn't produce like RG3 did, and neither did Luck this year, though he is obviously the best NFL prospect of the group. RG3 plays in the weakest defensive conference in America, though, and Ball plays in the best. I think elimination gives it to Ball or Luck.

  6. RG3 will win. Not that he should but for some reason the media has fallen in love with him. I watched a couple of Baylor games this year and he throws one of the prettest deep balls in college football. But that is all he throws well that and screen passes.

    Luck should win.Without Luck Stamford is at best 6-6. His best WR were TE and back up TEs at that.

    This is how I think it finishes.
    1. RG3
    2. Luck
    3. Richardson
    4. The Honey badger
    5. The other badger
    This is the way it should finish.
    1. Luck
    2. Richardson
    3. RG3
    4. Ball
    5. Mathieu

  7. To Micks point about conference... If that is the case, CLEARLY its Mathieu... QB's are great, but when is the last time you have seen a DB make that many plays? and he didnt even play a full season!...
    If he didnt get suspended, I think the Honey Badger would have an excellent shot. But that just isnt the case... RG3 plays in a ho hum opponents but he did have that moment against Oklahoma... Luck meanwhile really hasnt "blown up" in his big games.. and that has hurt him.

    To me its who makes a difference game in and game out.. not saying the other guys dont, Im just saying he always has a play, and in big games... He wrecked Oregon, and in the SEC championship sparked his team with that Punt return and almost had a second.

  8. I dont want Mathieu to win, he's a great athlete, but I like holding on the fact that Charles Woodson is the only defensive player to win it

  9. I wouldn't complain if Luck or Griffin won it, but for all of the posters complaining about the merits of Richardson, he clearly passes the eyeball test. Based on what I am seeing here, he is the anti-tim tebow since he passes the eyeball test so clearly but people don't think he's good enough. Granted, this is in a discussion of who should win the Heisman but still, Richardson is the most impressive running back I have seen and Ball should not finish better because of his stats. As a disclaimer, I think Ball should be the third back drafted in 2012 after Richardson and Miller in Miami

  10. Good for him. Wish him the best of luck.

  11. Superman socks...with the cape!! C'mon RGIII

  12. Benji,
    Scouts is reporting that Sam Grant is nearing a final decision. If UM pulls him away from BC will he be a star TE or a career back up? I ask this because I can't find any film on him and he came out of nowhere. Scout has some nice things to say about him.

  13. Allen Trieu
    Jordan Diamond had the "time of [his] life" on his #OhioState official. Also recaps his talks with Tommy Schutt:
    This is not good. But in the end I am glad that UM got Kalis. The more I look at the O linemen commits the more I like it. Benji do you know if the weights and heights of players are up to date on Scouts?

  14. I wonder why Diamond had the "time of his life" on his Ohio visit. Cheating bastards.


  15. Free cars, Tats and he got a appearance fee. priceless right?

  16. I heard through reliable source that Kalis will decommitt if sanctions are not severe with ohio state. Time is running out though and I wonder if Meyer gave him a cut off date since there's only 4 or 5 open slots left. The reliable source is a wrestler that my son works out with from St Eds.

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