Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Avery Walls Announcement

It's been confirmed that ESPN 150 Safety Avery Walls will make his college decision at 9:40am, in a press conference at his school.

Walls could be one of the key pieces to Michigan's 2011 class, but in these times one can't help but be pessimistic. With the coaching situation up in the air, it would certainly be strange for UM to receive a commitment, unless the prospect is truly in love with Michigan as a school.

If I were betting on this, I'd have to say Oregon is his choice. He may have shown up late for his official, but he still had a great time there. The Ducks are also the hot team in college football right now, whereas Michigan is stuck in Limbo. I hope to be wrong.


  1. forgot to mention it's December 14th at 9:40am. and i think he's going to be a duck too, esp. if he is announcing in december.

  2. Yeah, who would announce for Michigan in December? They wouldn't even know who their coach is!