Friday, 3 December 2010

Dee Hart Update

Is it true that Michigan's top commit of the 2011 class is to decommit from the Wolverines today? Probably....

The UM coaches know that Dee is wavering, and so they will be visiting him in school today.

The main issue here is obviously about Rich Rod's job security. Rumors are saying that other schools are killing Michigan in recruiting right now because of his job status being so uncertain. It's pretty easy to take shots at Michigan if your 12-0 as a coach this season, or if you won a national championship last season....yes, Auburn and Alabama are still fighting.

I can understand Brandon wanting to evaluate the bowl game performance before he decides to make a coaching decision, but this may cause Michigan to lose it's prize recruit in the process, we'll find out more today. 


  1. I think Dee has already gone. Michigan lost very decent RB. If RR and Dee would stay Michigan, I am sure we will see upgrade version of Steve Slaton play.
    Dave has already his decision, but he is watiing for the resopnse from Jim, because Jim is waiting for the calling from 49ers. I hope 49ers would take Jim before it is too late.
    If Michigan got Jim, I bet he would leave soon for NFL, because NFL coach is his dream job.
    In other words, if Jim failed at Michigan, it would be disaster, but even if he succeed, it would be disaster too.

  2. will demetrius hart go with michigan if rich rod stays?

  3. @Will
    I think so, but after the bowl game is too late.
    Dee will not wait until early January.

  4. I think he might wait that long. Let's not forget he loves Michigan, so you'd hope that he'll wait it out until Brandon's decision. And if RR stays, I think Dee will jump back on board.