Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Gator Bowl...

It's been announced today that Michigan will face Mississippi State (hereby referred to as MSU to save time!) on January 1st in the Gator Bowl. First thing to note is that I hadn't heard any talk of MSU before it was announced. People seemed sure Michigan would face either Florida or Tennessee. Strange.

The bad news is that MSU are 8-4 and ranked, with the four losses coming @ Alabama, @ LSU, Auburn (home) and Arkansas (home, 2OT). Those are some pretty respectable teams to lose to. I'm officially worried.

MSU, who I know virtually nothing about, apparently runs a spread offense, which is probably a good thing for Michigan's defense, who are undersized all around. If UM start the game well, and get out to an early lead, then its a game they could easily win, but I certainly would have preferred Tennessee...

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  1. Think of good side. Jaksonville isn't the home ground of MSU. If we would fight with Florida, it will be an away game.