Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Liar! (Darian Cooper Update)

When Dave Brandon said his decision timetable wouldn't affect Michigan's recruiting, he was lying. It probably affected Avery Walls, and it has definitely affected another key target in Darian Cooper, who was honest enough to say why he has now dropped the Wolverines.

Cooper apparently has had a friend who has dealt with a coaching change first hand, and clearly didn't like it. This is understandable, it's probably the biggest decision of his life, and Michigan can't guarantee who will be coaching him for the next three to four years.

Michigan is already thin at defensive tackle, and its quite possible they won't land one in this class. Jernigan and Cooper have both dropped the Wolverines, and it doesn't look like Mickey Johnson will be visiting anytime soon. 

Let's hope Quinton Washington is a fast learner on that D-Line, because Michigan will need him badly next year. Perhaps even move Will Campbell back to defense and hope he can learn some technique.

Half the reason they play a three man front is because they only have one decent defensive tackle!

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