Monday, 20 December 2010

Kris Frost Update

Four star athlete represent the state of North Carolina in the annual shrine bowl last week, and Frost came away with a lot of praise from coaches and analysts. I watched some of highlights, and all of them are on defense, which is encouraging for Michigan. Hopefully this week reminded him that he has a much higher ceiling at outside linebacker than receiver.

What impressed me most was his coverage ability. He actually has the speed to stick with receivers, then displays the athleticism to dive a make a play on the ball. 

Edit: Kris Frost won defensive MVP for the North squad.

Interestingly, GoBlueWolverine's Sam Webb said on his weekly radio show (WTKA 1050) that Michigan may have one or two silent commits in the class of 2011. Then when answering a question from a fan, he mentioned that Michigan leads quite comfortably for Frost, which leads me to believe he could be one of the silent commits. 

It's certainly possible, and actually makes a lot of sense. Michigan has been Frost's dream school, he's camped in Ann Arbor twice, and visited officially, so he's clearly very high on the Wolverines. Committing silently also means he can decommit easily without causing an uproar if Coach Rod does get fired.

*Speculation*: If I had to guess who a second silent commit might be? Chris Bryant


  1. Michigan and Ohio should have a high-school all star game aganist each other.

  2. Yeah maybe, but Ohio would win most years.