Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Zettel Announcement tonight

*UPDATE* - ESPN says he'll choose between UM and MSU, so PSU and Iowa are out. It's always been thought to be an in state battle though.

Anthony Zettel will announce his decision tonight (7:30PM) at his family's restaurant.

Zettel has been scheduled to announce his decision in January, so this is somewhat surprising, and I'm not overly thrilled about it. Does Zettel like Michigan (the school) enough to commit with the uncertainty still there? Or has Michigan State finally taken the lead after their successful season.

Michigan has lead for Zettel for an awful long time, but just failed to seal the deal after they finished 7-5 this season. Really hard to predict this one, if you told me he was announcing in December earlier in the month, I would have said MSU is the choice. But Michigan has surprised everyone by picking up three commitments this month, which I didn't think was possible.

I'll have updates on this throughout the day.


  1. I don't see him making a commitment to UM this early. Any thoughts on why he moved his timetable?

  2. Really not sure. Hopefully it's because he's decided he loves Michigan with or without RR!

  3. Everyone sees that dispite the publicity of Coach Rod's status, that players are still committing to Michigan. The scholarship slots are starting to fill up, and with only a handful of the left, if you are sure you want to attend Michigan, it's safer to commit earlier than normal. Why take a chance?

  4. I have a sneaky feeling its Michigan...

  5. Within the next hour we will know whether he is truly blue or not. I was wondering what was going on with Lamar Dawson from the state of Kentucky. He seemed high on Michigan but nothing has been heard from him since. Any chance we could still land him? I know Kris Frost and Curtis Grant are on the top of your list but Grant could be a hard kid to land.

  6. Someone just emailed me about Dawson today; but really there isn't much to say. The latest bit of news on him is that he's visiting Michigan officially along with USC, Oregon, Kentucky and Tennessee, having dropped Florida when Meyer left. Michigan is probably on the outside looking in right now, but a good official visit could change things.