Friday, 3 December 2010

Hart decommits

Four star RB Demetrius Hart has in fact decommitted from Michigan. The news broke some time before his team's playoff victory over Seminole Ridge. The good news is that he did not commit to Alabama straight after the game, which a few people suspected he might.

This means Michigan is still under consideration right now, and Rod Smith (UM Florida recruiter) was in fact at the game and spoke to Dee afterwards. He's obviously just not comfortable being committed to a school that has no long term coach right now, and to be honest, that's fair enough to him. He's an early enrollee, so you have to understand the situation he's in.

He'll enroll in January, but he might have to decide a while before that, meaning his announcement would probably come before Michigan's bowl game. Seen as Rich Rod's future really depends on whether he wins a bowl game or not, I think Dee will likely end up at Alabama. The timetables just aren't in our favor. 


  1. Brandon is making a big mistake by waiting for the bowl game to make his decision. We need Rich Rod to stay, we will get 9 or more wins next year and in 2012 we will have a team that can beat Alabama and possibly go for the national championship. Keep RR around. If Brandon doesn't decide soon we will lose out on too many key recruits. Rich Rod is the man we need as Head coach. He is a Michigan Man.

  2. I wouldn't say he's a Michigan man yet, that requires more on field success imo. But he wants to be a Michigan man, and hopefully he will be soon!
    Whether he stays will come down to the bowl game. Win and he stays, lose and he goes, its probably as simple as that.
    The best thing we can hope for now is that players like Avery Walls and Dee Hart don't decide to enroll early, because Michigan needs more time to recruit them after the bowl game, no matter who the coach is.

  3. Ben, you said that "He'll enroll in January..." Is that for sure or speculation? What is your source? Thanks

  4. Dee Hart has always planned to enroll early, and Michigan classes start on January 5th. So that's my logic. I think what will happen is that he'll announce his decision at the Army All American game, which is on Jan 8th, and then enroll a week late. Similar to what Devin Gardner did last year (coming in a week late).