Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tanner McEvoy

Three star athlete Tanner McEvoy (Oradell, N.J.) has placed Michigan in his top four schools along with Rutgers, North Carolina and South Carolina. He played WR up until his senior year, when he made the move to QB. The switch seemed to pay dividends when he completed 138 of 239 passes for 2,264 yards and 32 touchdowns, whilst also rushing for 1200 yards and 14 TD's. 

The main advantage Michigan has here is their spread offense, which is similar to what Tanner is running at his high school. He loves running the ball, lowering his shoulder etc, so he might be more comfortable at Michigan. The bad news is that all the other schools have received an unofficial visit this year, which means UM is playing catch up.

He'll take his official visit to Ann Arbor on the 17th, and then UNC and Rutgers sometime in January. So there's still a long way to go in his recruitment, but this is definitely one to keep an eye on because with Sousa and now Cardale Jones seemingly off the board, McEvoy might be the top target if UM wants to take a QB. 


  1. I think this kid would be a good pickup. I heard that Avery Walls will be deciding on Dec 14th. I wonder what you thought our chances were? I felt good early on, but now i wonder if we can take Oregon. I also really like Lyons, so who do you think we have a better shot at gettting? Hopefully we get the both!

  2. Getting them both would probably go down as a miracle right now. I just saw MGoBlog's TomVH announce that Walls might be deciding on the 14th, but to be honest, this disappoints me. To me it indicates that Oregon is his choice. Because if I were him, and I was going to choose Michigan, I would at least wait until the RR thing is sorted out.
    When the decision date is confirmed I'll post something.

    After reading that, I'd say we have a better shot with Lyons now. He enjoyed his official last week, and his announcement date comes after Michigan's bowl game which is good. We'll have to see how his last couple of visits go first though, Nebraska then Florida/Auburn.