Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ideal/Likely finish to the class

Michigan currently has 12 commitments, so that leaves around 6-8 spaces left in this recruiting class. So which players should get them, or perhaps more importantly, which positions should fill these spaces. 

The class currently consists of:

1 RB, 3 O-Lineman, 1 Slot Rec, 1 DE, 2 OLBs, 1 MLB and 3 CBs. (Beyer and Jones as OLB)

Assuming seven scholarships available, and assuming RR is still here...

Likely Selections:

One O-Lineman: Michigan loses two seniors this year, and a couple more next year, which is why they planned to take 4-5 in this class. They've already got some good ones in Miller, Fisher and Posada, but need one more to add depth for the future.

Candidates: Chris Bryant

Note: It doesn't look like Michigan is recruiting Cyrus Hobbi any more, unsure on reason.

One Outside Receiver: With Conway now out of the class, they need to find a replacement. Stonum and Hemingway leave in 2011, so UM won't have many big receivers on the edge. 

Candidates: Hakeem Flowers, Kris Frost, Devin Lucien.

One Tight End: Apparently Ricardo Miller has been moved to slot/TE (he's quite big now), so perhaps the need isn't that great. But with Webb leaving this year, and Koger next year, UM would like to take a good TE.

Candidates: Frank Clark, Jack Tabb

Two D-Lineman: This should say 'at least'. The depth at DT doesn't look good, in fact its so bad Michigan can barely run a four man front next year; I count four scholarship DT's on the roster next season. At DE it's not great either, and they definitely want to take another one in addition to Chris Rock.

Candidates: Anthony Zettel, Deion Barnes, Rob Trudo (Syracuse DT commit), Mickey Johnson.

One Safety: We probably need more, but one is probably the max available. Ray Vinopal picked up some experience, and maybe Marvin Robinson can play at FS, but depth is still awful. Cam Gordon, Carvin, Kovacs etc are all more comfortable closer to the LOS, Michigan needs to sign a true deep safety - a ball hawker!

Candidates: Wayne Lyons, Sheldon Royster (3*)

Wildcard Spot: I don't think we need another CB, but we might just get one. Quarterback is a long shot, a big RB is a possibility too. Perhaps an elite LB? Personally, I'd like to see a Kicker...

Candidates: Blake Countess (CB), Tanner McEvoy (QB), Thomas Rawls (RB), Lamar Dawson (LB), Curtis Grant (LB), Connor Loftus (K), DeVonderick Nealy (ATH), Prince Holloway (Slot).

Best Case Scenario?: Bryant, Flowers, Tabb, Zettel, Johnson, Lyons and Loftus.


  1. great post, benj. appreciate the update.

  2. More than 1 additional OL?

    Due to only 3 OL across the last 2 classes, the 2011 class will probably have to produce at least 2 starters by 2013 (After the massive Omameh-Barnum-Campbell-Mealer-Khoury departs.)

    Its possible the 2012 or 2013 classes can produce starters but its somewhat uncommon to have freshman (even RS) starters on the OL. It happens with elite players (Lewan, Molk, Boren) but its far from the ideal.

    The 2011 class will have one year of experience by 2013 (they probably won't see the field much because of the aforementioned Omameh class). So this not only has to produce 2 starters, but is to produce them without the benefit of much experience.

    Furthermore, the presumed returning starters are Lewan, Schofield, and Pace. Pace and Lewan are probably pretty locked in to being OT. I'm not sure about Schofield, but for now he's an OT too. That means at least one of the OL need to be an OG, if not 2.

    Of the recruits we have one is projected for C and the other two for T. None are considered OG as of now and neither is Christian Bryant.

    This is all obviously quite premature, but if you look out a couple years things look concerning, to put it mildly.

    My point in all this is that there is a large need for interior OL yet few are being recruited.

    Zettel would be a huge get, regardless of if he plays DL or OL. But if I'm Michigan staff, I'd strongly be pushing for another body. Especially with the attrition and uncertainity we've seen over the last few years.

    I'd feel much better with 5 OL in the class, even if it comes at the expense of WR or DB or LB.

    I'd ideally like to see 2 more OL, 2 more DT, AND Zettel. The WR, RB, DE, and DB positions have been overrepresented in the last two classes. Time to over-represent along the lines.

  3. Sorry, Pace is presumed to be an OC. I wrote OT.

  4. I still like Carvin Johnson's potential as a safety. The coaches may not have put him at his best position in his freshman year. We've seen this before with Gordon, Teric Jones, Stevie Brown and others. They don't always get it right the first time.

    I think Cullen Christian may move to safety as well.

    With all the DB recruits we have I don't think the need at safety is so dire, despite the poor play over the last couple years. Theres depth at DB in general and positions are somewhat flexible.

  5. In regards to the OL, I think if RR stays we'll get Bryant and Zettel, and if Zettel doesn't work out on the D, they'll have a 5th OL from the class.
    As far as I know, there isn't another O-Lineman really considering Michigan that heavily at this point in the season.
    Cullen Christian might be moved to Deep Safety, but apparently Marvin Robinson has been doing well there in practice lately. Plus they could put Troy Woolfolk back there for next year. He's got the speed and tackling ability needed for the position.

    Let's just wait and see if the coach stays put first.