Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kevin Sousa to Wake Forest

2011 QB Kevin Sousa, who committed to Michigan a few months back, has now decided to play college ball for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. 

This news isn't totally out of the blue, he had been taking some officials elsewhere during the season, although after he came back from Ann Arbor with glowing reviews, it seemed like he would stay on board. He's a spread QB, so maybe he was worried about RR's system not being there next year? (Thats just a guess until we hear more).

Still, this isn't a big loss to the class right now. Michigan will still have three very capable QB's on campus next year, and there's still a chance they take one in this class. Glenville's Cardale Jones will be visiting Michigan officially next weekend, and the Wolverines apparently have quite a good chance. 


  1. I see put Dee Hart back on the list. Any news?

  2. Both scout and rivals have him down as a soft verbal, which is perhaps a little generous for Michigan. Personally I wouldn't say he's committed right now at all, he's opened his recruiting back up. Alabama and Michigan are the top two, I guess Auburn has a shot too.

  3. Sousa didn't seem to have a very good senior year, and his team was even worse. Do you think this had more to do with it? It seems Michigan cooled on this kid long before he cooled on Michigan. With the D in shambles, and 3 QB's on the roster maybe UofM decided not to waist a scholarship on a statistically average QB?

    BTW, I love the blog brother, keep up the good work.

  4. His team was just awful. When you have an offensive line that bad, you're not going to win football games. As a player himself he had good potential, and I don't think the depth chart was a huge issue. He could have redshirted and sat out a couple years before competing for the starting role. I doubt UM cooled on him enough to withdraw his scholarship offer.