Monday, 6 December 2010

Lyons and Countess quick update

No commitments from either prospect this weekend, but none were expected really. Lyons and his mother both came away very impressed with the academic presentation laid on by Michigan, and given the Lyons has a high GPA, academics will be key in his decision.

Countess had a great time on his visit, even tweeting go blue once, and that he fits in well with the players. He was hosted by Josh Furman, but also got to hang out with Courtney Avery, Denard and Devin amongst others.

Blake will take two more officials, to Georgia Tech and Maryland. He could make a decision after that last visit or hold out and announce at the Army AA game, which is where Lyons will probably do it. Wayne will visit Nebraska on an official next week, and possibly an unofficial to Florida before making up his mind.

It would actually be better for Michigan if they both delay their decisions until the AA game, because by then Michigan should know its coach for next year. If RR stays, Michigan has a great chance with both of them. 


  1. You mention if RR stays, UM has a great chance at both? Do our chances diminish if RR isn't retained? What is it they like so much about RR and his defensive scheme?

  2. The main thing would be the relationship with the coaching staff. Both recruits really like RR as a person, he cares about his players etc. So if he were to leave on Jan 2nd after losing the bowl game, and Lyons and Countess announce at the Army Game, then that leaves the new coaching staff less than a week to form a new relationship. It would be interesting if Harbaugh was hired, because he's recruiting Lyons to Stanford, so maybe UM could have a chance there. But still, it would be hard to land both of them after a coaching change.

  3. I have a question regarding Devon Gardner. Is there any word on whether or not he will receive a medical redshirt?

  4. Dee Hart said he will stay at Michigan if we keep Rich Rod. I heard a interview with Jim Harbaugh on ESPN Radio. They brought up the subject of Michigan and Jim ignored it and just blew it off. It seems that he is not interested in Michigan. It seems that he is more interested in coaching in the NFL. I also heard Stanford is offering him more money and a contract extension. Michigan is better off keeping Rich Rod. The team continues to improve and get better. I like Michigan's Future with Rich Rod as Head Coach. If anything needs to be changed we need to get a different Defensive coach. GRob needs to step it up or we need a different def coach. We keep Rich Rod, and we keep Dee Hart and other top Recruits. We lose Rich Rod and we lose out on some good recruits and it will take even longer to get back up to National Champion caliber.

  5. Matthew: There's been no word on it yet, it's an issue than will be addressed after the bowl game. Who knows, maybe if the game is on the line and Denard goes down, RR might call on Devin to win the game. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully he will redshirt.

    Tim: I don't buy the part about Harbaugh not being interested in Michigan. He was one of the schools best ever QB's and I bet he loves the fact that half the fan base are calling for his return. The NFL is obviously another option for him, his brother John is having great success at the Ravens. But I think if Michigan comes begging for him, the prodigal son will return...

  6. @Benjamin
    There is a rumor Jim is waiting for the calling from 49ers and is a reliable report. I know Jim like coaching at Michigan better than at Stanford. However, his preference is on NFL.
    First of all, he isn't the coach with a proven record. Only one good season is not enough. Don't forget Rich had proven with terrific three seasons before he came to Michigan.