Thursday, 16 December 2010

Watch out

There's a new coach in Miami, and he's looking at Dallas Crawford...

Whilst Crawford says he won't be decommitting, he admits he might open things up a bit and look at Miami, and Southern California after they offered last week.

If RR goes, then it could be tough to hold onto these southern recruits, Crawford and Hart especially.


  1. I am sorry, but DB is starting to get me a little rattled. I feel that these good players are finding it very hard to commit to a school where they have no idea who the coach will be! I know that he waits till the end of the season, but com on is this one game going to effect your decision so much.... i doubt it. Make a choice, and move in that direction. This is just some venting, beacuse i want to keep hart, and crawford. I also cant help, but think that it played a part in Avery Walls decision.

    I hope that we can close on a couple good kids that are still on the board. I really want Lyons, and think that we need a stud at his position. Hopefully we can get this awwful situation figured out, and end this yr with a good solid recruiting class!! Great blog.

  2. Coaches come and go all the time. Recruits commit and decommit on a seemingly daily basis. Nothing is set in stone until they are enrolled. Remember, these are kids, 17-18 years old. They can decommit because they want to be closer to a girlfriend. I do understand the thought process, I just don't put that much weight on it.
    My point is, although I hate waiting for Brandon to make his decision, I understand it. With a change you may lose a kid or two, but you may also gain one or two....especially if that hot chick enrolls at U of M! Don't get too worried just yet.

  3. Haha. Yeah let's hope all the hot chicks end up at Michigan, maybe they should recruit some? :P

    And you're right to be a little frustrated with Brandon, especially if he keeps RR after all. It's hurting recruiting because other schools are now after some of our commits, and we are losing ground on some other prospects. Hopefully everything will be straighten out on Jan 1st.