Sunday, 8 January 2012

Army game thoughts + 2013 update

The Army All American game took place yesterday afternoon, in front of a record crowd of over 38,000 people. Michigan had five commitments and one target (Wright) playing in the game, and all of them did ok, but the real standouts for me were Erik Magnuson and Kyle Kalis. Magnuson missed a couple blocks, but overall looked pretty good, and Kalis was solid throughout, more than holding his own against Ondre Pipkins.

The footage I saw of Yuri Wright wasn't that good. He was giving receivers a hefty cushion (was he told to?), and the opposing team took advantage by completing several short routes against him. He also missed a key tackle on a screen pass that allowed the running back to gain an extra 10-15 yards. Got beat for easy TD by Dorial Green-Beckham too, but the #1 WR in the class made a bad drop. People have said before that he's a raw corner, so I guess he just needs time in a college program to get coached up.

To see footage of all UM commits in the Army All American game, check out MGoVideo!

In other news, 2013 OL Logan Tuley-Tillman will be on campus today, taking in the UM-UW basketball game. This isn't the first time he's been on campus, and apparently Michigan is at the top of Logan's top five, which also includes Alabama, Ohio State, Arkansas and South Carolina.

Tuley-Tillman is the #38 recruit in the nation according to 247Sports' early 2013 rankings, and having already lost out on Steven Elmer (#10 overall), landing Logan would be a great way to bounce back and start off the 2013 OL class!


  1. i can't wait to see who else lands in this years class!

  2. tuley-tillman will be a huge pickup for this team next year. go blue.

    who else are our number one prospects for next year?

  3. I don't know if anyone else has read some recent tweets from AJ Williams, but I am liking this kid more and more...

    "I forgot to tell yall urban meyer and luke fick came to my b ball game the friday.... #GTFO"

    "All these ohio state fans who are mad and feel like a betrayed ohio.... #GTFO"

    I love seeing kids who just want to be Wolverines. Bodes very well for the future with kids this passionate about Michigan.

  4. Not a huge fan of bleacher report but I think they won me over with the article on Bama. Their most likely loosing TR to the draft, 2 WR, 3 CB, SS, possibly FS (NFL), 3 LB. Didn't say anything about the D or O-line, but they are loosing their ENTIRE secondary! I know they have talent behind them, but it's hard to believe it's gonna be a top 5 D again...I highly doubt it.

    I got a feeling we arn't going to have much action on recruiting untill NSD week.

    I think joke got or rep back up. I see their offering all kinds of 5* WR, CB, OL, DL, RB.

    I don't care how but I'll be in Arlington TX for the opening game this year!! I honestly believe we can hand it to 'em!!

    Go Blue!

    MI b-ball ended 10 game loosing streak to Wisconsin today!! Whoot whoot!!

  5. I wasn't impressed w/Diggs, he seemed like a prima donna to me, Pipkins wiped him out on a sideline tackle w/great pursuit and knocked him on his ass!

    Beckham-Green looks talented but dropped some easy throws. The guy I was really impressed with is Cyler Miles the QB headed to Washington, very athletic and threw the ball well, the kinda QB I want at U-M in the future.

    All the M recruits seemed to acquit themselves well, especially Pipkins, that boy is a STUD!!!

    My wishlist is:

    -A Tight End
    -Best player available

  6. You are wrong on the Bama secondary. They will only lose Barron & Kirkpatrick. Robert Lester & Dee Millner will be back. I can only tell you they are loaded on the front d-line.

    It's not going to be a easy match up at all.

  7. Did I miss some Yuri news. Buddy of mine said UM basically dropped him on Tuesday?

  8. All I know is what they said. Read the article. Lester possible leaving for the draft. What I said their loosing is what the report said. I didn't make that shit up.

  9. @pybucks

    your buddy is sorely mistaken

  10. Smokey, AL may be losing a lot of players, but their pipeline is intact, and pumping.

    MI was lucky to beat VT. VT lost twice to Clemson, by a combined score of 61-13. Clemson lost to SC, and everyone knows what WV did to VT in their bowl game.

    WV lost to LSU 47-21.

    I'm Blue to my marrow, but I'll be happy if MI manages to not get blown out of the building in the kickoff classic. I'm fearful of a AL-MSU like whooping.

    MI needs at least three years to reach it's new peak. Even then, they will probably not match the best of the SEC very often.But, it sure will be ajoy to see WHEN it happens. And, it will happen, eventually....

  11. Where do you guys keep hearing this information about Yuri? He's not committing anywhere until he takes his officials!

    Visiting Michigan the 13th.

    Visiting Rutgers the 20th.

    Visiting Georgia the 27th.

    So all this speculation is ridiculous, it seems most likely he will be making his decision on NSD, so we will just have to wait.

  12. I think you guys are putting the sec on a goddamn pedestal, michigan has always played tough against the sec. I think it will be a good game, its all about controlling the line of scrimmage and michigan showing what they proved us this year, they can do just that. I believe there will be players that will STEP up next year and fill in the holes of mike martin and others, I believe were back.

  13. wow, not alot of true believers. im a die hard michigan fan and i believe we can beat anyone in the country. as long as were good on all three phases of the ball. yes, its the sec but do u not have faith in a team that was suppose to go 8-4 before the season. wooooow.

    michigan 21 alabama 17

  14. Blue Marrow makes plenty of extreme and pessimistic assessments of the team as a whole, and of recruits who go elsewhere. Why? I couldn't tell you on BM or others who feel better to expect less. I feel less about Denard than most do, but only of his QBing. His talent is a runner, and within him I still expect to win.

    I have faith in our team. For me, it's stupid to compare and contrast games that we didn't play in. WVU played their best game ever, for one. More importantly, we didn't play Clemson or LSwho or SCar, so speculating on teams based on those games referenced by Blue Marrow is oversimplifying a team's capabilities to the extreme. We beat ND and Sparty didn't, but we lost to Sparty. Wisconsin lost to OSU and played well against Oregon.

    Lastly, this season is over, and there are a hundred things that will happen to teams between now and August/September.

    I'm the exact opposite, as one can tell, of those who think our team is always going to lose. Back when we had Illinois, Nebraska and OSU left, I think I was one of the few on here that proclaimed that we can win all three. And, we did. I tend to have faith in my team, rather than expect defeat before getting out of bed. I'm not sure how "realistic" and "happy" one can be in their life if they look at everything with a defeatist's attitude.

    Go Blue.

  15. I feel sad for all the lucknut fans that crash this site. To have nothing to do in life but try to get under the skin of UM fans. You should either get a job or get a girlfriend. Maybe even move out of your parents basement. Or I know go get your GED. After all you cheer for Ohio State but when you spell it out in the stands you only spell Ohio whats the matter you can't spell state? Get a life please you cheated got caught now deal with it. After all you hardly got a slap on the wrist from the NCAA.

    In case you can't tell I am alittle feed up with the lucknut fans coming on here starting trouble.I am sorry to all the UM fans that live in Ohio. Don't know how you do it?

  16. @ jer its very tough, also try living with one....

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  18. Read the article ? Since when has Bleacher Report done anything worth reading, half of the bull st they write makes no sense.

    Quit speculating & wait till after the fvckng draft is come & gone then we will talk. Pay attention to what UA has over UM right now... 3 + years of defensive recruiting that the prior coaching staff disregarded on a overall basis. I was in Miami when dumb ass Flugner went wide right. I will be in Arlington later this year & we will see were UM is then.

  19. Please don't get me wrong I have no problem with Ohians. My inlaws are in Ohio and a very good friend of mine is from ohio and is a big OSU fan and we get along great. But I do have a problem with luckeye fans coming on this blog and start rumors just to get a rise from us.

    On a recruiting note. I get the feeling that Reeves is going to stick with PSU. No matter what I said the the other day. I am looking at Kenneth Crawley and can't really find alot on him. Does anybody know anything about him?

    Bendy I drove thru Findley on my way up to Michigan nice city.

  20. Anyone could write articles for Bleacher Report, all that website is speculations and opinions.

    Alabama will lose a few defensive players to the draft this year but year after year they have a great defense. Alabama always has a guy to replace them. As far as I'm concerned none of it matters.

  21. 24/7 has Dan Gibbs visting on the 13th. Who is he and where did he come from?

  22. All I know about him is that he's an OG. And according to ESPN hes a 2 star, 74 rating. He doesn't even have an offer from Michigan yet.

  23. On a side note Edwin Baker Michigan States back up RB is going to the NFL. I thought it was funny. He had over 600 yards but he was the back up don't think it will hurt MSU a lot but just thought it was more funny that a back up RB for MSU is leaving early for the NFL. Something you don't see every day.

  24. gibbs is probably going to be a walk on not good enough for this class of o line both parents went to mich (were athletes) and goes to birmingham seaholm

  25. I personally know Dan Gibbs and played against him this year. For a guy his size he is surprisingly quick. He has wanted to be a wolverine all his life and would jump on the opportunity in a second. He will most likely end up as a preferred walk on next year. Also, I watched the game when Seaholm played Harrison and Gibbs seemed to dominate Ojemudia the majority of the game.

  26. It's very simple, if Ronald Darby who just decommitted from N.Dame goes elsewhere, then expect Yuri Wright to end up in South Bend.

    The coaches attention will be on trying to turn Reeves or possibly focus on Crawley. It just got very interesting.

  27. @Chucky Gruden
    So You have talked to Yuri Wright and he told you that if Ronald Darby goes else where then he is going to ND over Michigan?

  28. I for one, am 100% on board with Dan Gibbs. and I hope Michigan offers him on his official visit. at 6'7 315lbs he is already bigger than taylor lewan and has a nasty streak. he's a little raw, but a redshirt season and time in the weight room and work on technique could make this man into a monster. we NEED offensive lineman more than any position right now. don't believe me? go look at LSU's roster and see how many offensive lineman are listed. then look at Michigan. physical personnel bread a physical game. right now our primary concern is, and will continue to be the line of scrimmage. followed by the defensive secondary.

    kudos to Michigan for inviting gibbs for a visit, to reach out to a kid who loves the program and has family ties shows how the culture has changed. Go Blue.

  29. @balla. Ronald Darby has decommited from Notre Dame. He is contemplating a visit to Florida State this week end. Word has it that the UM staff is not after Yuri Wright.

    So that is my personal theory.

  30. I see that a OU cb D. Harris *4,
    and a Utexas wr T.Johnson *5 have both decommitted. I don't know if they had been recruited in the past but I wonder if they will be looked at now.

  31. Right on balla....the only two in that article that are maybes is TR and the FS. Everybody else are SR. Say you Cant speculate, then talk about recruiting? Recruiting is all speculation untill NSD. And so what they have top recruiting. I said they have talent, but MI recruits arn't division 2 players. If I had time to look up all the 5*'s that sucked and NR players that tore it up I would.

    I've said it a million times VT was a top 10 team, with a top 10 D, and a stud RB.

    Bama will lose ALOT of their defence! It's going to happen. It's hard to lose 8 contributors on D and still be a shut down D.

    Their offense isn't the best either. And don't tell me they won't miss TR and his 3,000 (however many) yrds. Then to lose, two SR, WR's, but they should be able to replace them really easy.

    Bluemarrow was one of them at the beginning of the year saying, oh...we'll be lucky to get 6-7 wins. It'll take a couple years to fix that D, and switch to the pro-style. All the same crap he's saying now. After thus season theirs no reason we can't go 10-2 or 11-1 again. Count a lose to bama if you want, pick one of the 4 away games, and we're there!! So what's gonna hold us back? Our 3 missing d-linemen (with 3 def minded coaches), or our SR playmaker QB??

    I'm "speculating" and picking UM to go 11-1 (with DR), with a win against bama, on the nutruel field, but we'll lose one somewhere..

  32. @jer yes findlay is a nice town but is FULL of ohio fans. If you ever drive back through stop at the Bob Evans off the highway and we can talk some recruiting and UM if i am working.

    Also everything i have heard on Gibbs is that he already earned the preferred walk on spot. The potential of a kid with that size is through the roof. I would love to see him suit up in winged helmet.

    As for Wright, i cannot see the staff giving up on him just because his teammate committed to ND, and Darby decommitted from ND.

  33. @Chucky Gruden
    I guess I just never heard that Michigan isn't going after Yuri Wright anymore. If Michigan Coaches have no interest in Yuri Wright then I don't think he will visit. Last time I heard he still is tho.

  34. @Smokey
    I don't know if you were referring to my previous made comments but 'Bama's offense will definitely not be the same without TR and the two WR's. The QB will be better than this year I would assume.

    As for the defense like I said before although they are losing their 4 best defensive players they always retool and have a great defense. There is no denying that.

    Michigan definitely has a a good shot at beating them next year. I see it as more of a low scoring game but who knows. It will be a great early test for a rising team in Michigan.

  35. As for Yuri, I don't know where you guys keep getting this information. If Michigan dropped this kid they would have told him to not even bother coming the 13th. And from what I know he hasn't cancelled his visit therefore they are still recruiting him. You don't just stop recruiting a kid because you think he's a ND lean, you recruit him even harder.

  36. @ newyork

    I agree they can replace talent, and it should be a defensive game. With that, all I'm saying is it's hard to replace 4-5 starters. On top of that you have to be a sound D to shut drob down, and do that the first game of the year with 4 new starters.....makes it a little mote difficult. If DR can throw come next year, even Bama's gonna have their hands full!!

  37. yuri write is a stud at corner. y would michigan just drop him. i dont get it.

    as for the alabama game, i have full faith that hoke and co. will have his players ready for the big stage. if we win, i think we would definitly be back as to wat it used to be. winning big ten championships.

    go blue baby......

  38. @smokey
    I have to agree with you on all your points. It will take a few games for the new starters to fit in and mesh well together.

    With D. Robinson being one of the most electric players in college football, it will definitely be tough for any defense to stop him, especially Alabama. I just wish he would get better at passing so he could be an even more complete Quarterback. He does more than enough to win games but imagine if he could throw the ball better...

    I'm expecting an even better year from Michigan next year, possibly making it to the Rose Ball with Denard being a Heisman favorite. You never know though.

  39. Y'all can stop tripped on Kalis, I asked Ondre Pipkins if he could tweet about him and he responded he is Blue all the way. Just clowns from the south trying to start stuff.

    Go blue!

  40. As far as wright goes, he has stated that if he wanted to go to ND, then he would have commited at the army game. It's going to be interesting to see what happens either way. I'll reiterate again that the staff knows what they are doing. Just look at the freshman who contributed this year from a class that was basically thrown together! Countess, Ryan, Morgan, Wile, Beyer and Clark! Good thing ahead fellas! Trust.

  41. Did I say anything about Yuri Wright being a Notre Dame lean ?. - Read the posts...

  42. I don't know if Michigan is going to beat Bama. I honestly think it all depends on Denard Robinson. If he throws like he did in the sugar bowl we are going to lose. Either way I still think Michigan wins the Big Ten. The Big Ten next year is going to be wide open and Michigan has more returning starters than anyone. From the sugar bowl game we only have 2 starters to replace on the defense both at DT. On offense we have 4 starters to replace. two OL, 1 TE and 1 WR. This team next year will go as far as Denard Robinson takes them. If we play a good defense then Denard is going to have to pass the ball down the field. If he can't then we are probably going to lose it's that simple. The 3 defenses that shut down Denard Robinson this year were MSU,Iowa and VT. We lost 2 out of 3 and the one game we won was in overtime. Lets just hope Denard Works his butt off and we can get the passing game going against a good defense next year. I have trust in him and the coaches to work on his game in the off season and be ready for Bama.

  43. Did I say anything about you saying he was a ND lean? Don't think so... From what I've heard recently everyone thinks ND is the favorite.

  44. Interesting read on Reeves, is he really going to consider Ohio? It sounds like a decommitment will come soon. He said if the coach who recruited him leaves then he will consider other schools... The coach left, but a decision will come before nsd... Hopefully January 13th!

  45. Here's why UM should still have a recruiting advantage over OSU: The Nightmare Aftershock Urban Meyer Hasn’t Seen Coming:: Sarniak Will be Deemed a Long-Time OSU Booster
    This is a real risk for OSU.

  46. Is there anyone here that is an actual Michigan insider that has first hand knowledge of anything? I would assume (and correct me if I am wrong) that ALL of us our more than just a casual fan and read several different sites and maybe even subscribe to some premium sites. Bleacher report is a lot of opinion but people still read it because it is entertaining and fun, because we love Michigan and all things recruiting. Those on this blog that are continually getting "defensive" over being attacked, it's not even YOUR information being attacked, it's someone else's that you are regurgetating. We are all on the same team here and this is a site where hopefully we can share info and ask questions without being offended if someone points out an incorrection.

    As far as Yuri Wright goes, maybe Hoke looking at other recruits has more to do with Reeves sounding less of a certain thing than Wright. Wright has "seemed" like a ND lean with his behavior this week at the Army game, but again none of us really know.

    With Darby de-committing it does open up a spot for Wright at ND. If being the 3rd corner in the ND class was what was keeping him from South Bend then that definitely helps ND. If that was never a concern I still think we are in fine shape for him.

    I also think that we are not out of the running for Jordan Diamond. He continues to list us and is still going to be taking his OV to UM.

    Garnett is probably leaning Blue, but Stanford's academics and their sales pitch could overwhelm him. I think ND is out of it for Garnett. Let's be praying for terrential rains in Palo Alto on his visit weekend.

  47. Ive also heard that Michigan has cooled on Yuri significantly. They were not too impressed with his senior season or his practices at the AA game. I think they feel with his frame, he is more of a safety which just isnt a need for us in this class anymore.

    As far as his visit to UM this weekend, I wouldnt be surprised if that gets canceled. I heard Yuri wants to visit Cal and would probably cancel his visit to UM to do so.

  48. Sports Talk 1050 WTKA is where you should go if you are looking for the newest and most credible information on Michigan football recruiting. Sam Webb talks to Michigan recruits all the time and has better inside information than anyone. He also said today that Michigan coaches have cooled down a lot on recruiting Yuri Wright. He never Guarantees which recruits are coming to Michigan but he tells you his gut feeling and about 90 percent of the time he is right. He talks to all of Michigan's recruits so if your looking for a place to get real information that's the place to go. He also stated today Yuri Wright as of now is not looking good so I am already counting Yuri Wright as not being in the class. He said Michigan coaches are going after Reeves hard.

  49. @ball4show,

    I think less rests on Denard's shoulders than what people actually think. Look at the play calling in them 3 games compared to the game he was spectacular in, ie. Nebraska and Ohio State game. As I stated before, I was at that Nebraska game in The Big House and Denard was on point. The kid is more accurate than what people think, but that is if he is given the chance. Borges wants to run a pro offense, yet the only time we went to the I-formation was when we were handing it to Fitz.

    Don't get me wrong I personally hated when Rich Rod came to the state of Blue. I think the spread is overrated, well his tiny spread anyway, especially in the Big Ten.

    Anyway, I think next year leans on Borges and how he decides to run this offense and quits being so conservative with Denard. Let the kid loose. I personally want to see more bootlegs and slants out of the I-form instead of the stretch and off tackle plays everytime. I understand Denard is a small guy in stature, but you have to let your playmakers make plays. That is only problem I see with his slants, not bring able to see over the lineman, but like his running abilities he will find the lane and take advantage.

    I wish I could look up all the plays and what was called because that option thing they were doing was sickening. Never worked once. But I seen that it took til the 2nd drive for Fitz to touch the ball and he get 14, then doesn't touch it til the first play of 3rd drive in 2nd quarter where he gets 6 yards. After that well VT realized I-form means hand off to Fitz. I don't think, atleast don't recall the I-form being ran for a pass play.

    Like I said I enjoy the pro style offense and believe Denard can be successful. He has shown he can be. To say I'm in love with Denard, I don't know. I wish the kid would switch to wideout and return kicks but can't blame a competitor for trying to prove the critics wrong. I mean although he has the INTs, he does throw just under 60%.

    IMO, next year lies on Borges' shoulders and if he will be more aggressive with Denard. Let the competitor COMPETE!

    As always GO BLUE! ROLL THE TIDE!

    SHANE P. out.

  50. Wasn't addressing you Chucky.. was addressing New York... So yes I did read.

  51. Wow, guys, sorry I spilled your Kool Aid.

    Like I posted, I'm Blue to the marrow. But, I'm paid to be a realist.

    Watch the game tonight, and take off the Maize and Blue glasses.

    Michigan will be back. Michigan will win it all some day. I am hopeful that it will be when Morris is a Junior. Michigan will be return to cyclically giving the best of the best a run for their money.

    But watch the SEC win yet another championship tonight. Guaranteed;)

    Smokey, I never predicted any win loss records for the season. I merely pointed out that the professionals in Vegas had the over/under at 7.

    If you think you know more than they do, you should hop a flight tonight.

  52. I watched that game and I think it was such a good and decent match, and I think they should repeat it more often, if they do, I would contact host pay per head in order to make some money with my picks