Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jordan Diamond Visit

Four star offensive tackle Jordan Diamond is also likely to be on campus this weekend for his Michigan official visit. Diamond has already visited Ohio State and Auburn, and had a great times there, so this could be tough for Michigan to leapfrog those schools, along with Arkansas and Wisconsin who are both still in the mix.

Michigan led for Diamond for a long period of time over the spring and early summer, but I think it will need a minor miracle for him to pick the Wolverines on signing day. We'll see how the visit goes, but right now Josh Garnett is a more realistic option.


  1. Hey Benji, I think you're right, but hopefully the fact that he's coming to UM as maybe his last trip is a great sign, we can stick Hoke and Mattison on him and make that last impression. Hopefully the already committed O-Line class will attract Diamond. But I guess we'll find out soon. Great job this season BTW!!!

  2. Well, let's say Diamond commits, than where does that leave Garnett?
    Kalis, Magnuson, Diamond, Garnett, Bars, Braden and Stacey??

  3. Garnett announces before Diamond. Hoke not turn down either one of these guys.

  4. I have been following and reading articles at Host pph about him and he is going to be a diamond for his team if you know what I mean