Thursday, 19 January 2012

Recruiting Mailbag: Results

Here are the results of the recruiting mailbag that was posted on Monday. Hope you enjoy!

Question 1:
I'm sure you heard that Urban Meyer has kicked off 2 DBs from the Ohio State team for "violations of undisclosed team rules." This opens up 2 scholarships with Armani Reeves visiting them in the near future, and potentially Yuri Wright making a visit. Would this be convenient or just a coincidence?
I know Michigan has cooled a little with Yuri Wright, but what do you think the chances of them landing him, Armani Reeves or both are?

Answer: As much as I dislike Urban Meyer, I don't think that him kicking off two corner backs was convenient. 
Yuri Wright will not becoming here. With the coaches liking Armani Reeves more, and thinking that Wright is better suited as a safety rather than corner, I think that that ship has sailed. I'm actually more optimistic about Reeves than others. He had strong Michigan interest earlier in his recruitment before picking PSU, and now after his recent visit, we are in great position. The one big factor that could sway Reeves to either OSU, UM, or back to PSU, is his close friend (and commit) Camren Williams.

Question 2:

What are the chances that Michigan ends the class with Garnett, Diamond , Reeves and Grant? 

Answer: I'd say that Michigan stands in great shape with Garnett, Reeves and Grant, but I think that Diamond will end up at another school. Diamond seems to be worried about playing time and with Michigan possibly taking up to seven offensive lineman, I think that will play a big factor in his decision. I'd say 75% for Garnett, 55% for Reeves, 70% for Grant, and 25% for Diamond.

Question 3: Also is Stefon Diggs totally out of the picture? 

Yes, Stefon Diggs is no longer considering Michigan.

Question 4: Do you see any big recruiting suprises for Michigan?

Answer: Sadly, I don't see any surprises for Michigan this year. Michigan is in great position with the rest of their remaining prospects, so if any of them commit, it shouldn't be a surprise.

Question 5:
What is the difference between Yuri Wright and Armani Reeves and which one's more likely to play at Michigan?

Answer: I think the difference between Wright and Reeves is that Reeves is the more polished corner back, They're both tremendous players, but Reeves is more college-ready and is the better corner, while Wright has talent, his rankings seemed to be based on potential. As you saw in the Army All-American Game, he needs quite a bit of work. Reeves is more likely to commit.

Question 6: Which school will most likely have Josh Garnett commit on Jan.26, Mich. or Stanford?

Answer: Michigan. It'll be close though.

Question7: When will Ty Issac commit and will it be Michigan?

Answer: I think that Isaac will commit when he's ready to commit. Not sure on a specific date. I'd like to be Michigan, but it'll be a tough battle with Notre Dame.

Question 8: Since where looking for a WR for  one of our last spots in the class who is most likely the player that will play for Michigan?

Answer: To be honest, I don't think Michigan gets a last WR commit. They've contacted Monty Madaris, but he's Michigan State bound. Jordan Payton is the most likely candidate, but I still think he stays on the west coast.

Question 9: Is Logan Tuley-Tillman going to commit to Michigan if yes is he going to commit this year?

Answer: I think Tillman will commit to Michigan, but I think that he'll commit in 2013.

Question 10: Basketball wise, will James Young commit to Michigan?

Answer: Since Michigan has yet to offer, I'd say that MSU is the team to beat right now. 

Question 11:  What wideouts do you think we will grab next year?

Answer: Michigan is in great position with many wide receivers for the 2013 class. If I were to predict the wideouts, it'd be something like this:
1. Laquon Treadwell
2. Robert Foster
3. Kevin Gladny

Questions 12: With the coaching change that has happened at Cal and Jordan Payton reopening his recruitment, do you believe that Coach Hoke and the staff should go after him? He was abosolutley thrilled with his visit at the Notre Dame game, but personally, I think that he will end up at Notre Dame if not Cal. How much of a chance do we really have?

Answer: The staff should pursue him quite a bit, especially with the Stonum news.I'd say that we have a chance, but not a very good one. He and his family seem determined to stay on the west coast., though. I think that he will end up at Washington personally.

Question 13:  Very curious about '13, especially WR Marcell  Ateman. Seen a lot on scout and rivals bout him and UM. Are we in the running early, or is he going to Texas? 

Answer: We are very much in the running early for Ateman. Texas dominates in-state recruiting most years, but if we can get him on campus, anything is possible.

Question 14: The recruiting sites seem to have us in on a lot of big names next year. When do the early player ratings come out?

Answer: I know that 24/7 Sports just recently updated their 2013 rankings. Not sure about ESPN, Scout, or Rivals. 

Question 15: Are there any big time recruits for the 2013 class who Michigan might be the favorites for?
Answer: As of right now: Logan Tuley-Tillman, Taco Charlton, Laquon Treadwell, Ty Isaac and Jourdan Lewis.

Question 16: How do you see the Hoke-Meyer recruiting battle going?

Answer: Meyer is obviously the "bigger coach" due to his track record, but don't underestimate Hoke and his staff. Mattison was Meyer's best recruiter and he is one of the reasons that Meyer recruited so well. Hoke needs to keep winning games and beat Ohio State a few times for Michigan to really become competitive in the state of Ohio recruiting wise. 

Question 17: With some recruits nationally backing off their commitments, are there any U of M verbals we need to worry about?

Answer: No. Everyone in this class will end up signing their LOI's with Michigan. 

Question 18: When recruiting a top receiver, like Payton, how much does an early verbal from Morris play into the staffs pitch? 

Answer: I don't think the staff really talks about Morris to be honest. I'm sure that a top receiver likes having a top QB already committed, but the staff just needs to sell Michigan and follow their recruiting strategy.

Question 19: Okay, so I have been debating whether or not we need another DT in this class for months now because Will Campbell is not going to get it done next season. Are there any guys flying under the radar that we can pick up?

Answer: I don't see Michigan getting anymore DT commits. They are happy with Pipkins and potential movers like Wormley and Godin.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll be holding another Mailbag on Monday.


  1. Cameron Burrows ('13 DB) gives his verbal to Ohio.

  2. @SimpleComplex who are the top in-state recruits for michigan 2013 and what schools do they hail from

    1. Wyatt Shallman-Detroit Catholic Central

      Jourdan Lewis-Cass Tech

      Poet Thomas-Detroit County Day

      Berkley Edwards-Chelsea

      Kenton Gibbs-Cass Tech

      Cameron Dillard-Canton

      These are just some of the top prospects in Michigan. Did not include Morris, because he's committed.

    2. Looks like some absolute beasts in state next year.

  3. Mel Kiper has denard robinson as the #1 or #2 Wide Receiver in the 2013 NFL draft

  4. @SimplyComplex has michigan offered any in-state talent. And do any in-state players have michigan in their top group?

  5. I think the only in-state prospect that has an offer is Wyatt Shallman. I don't think any of them have Michigan in their top group besides Jourdan Lewis and Wyatt Shallman.

  6. Shouldn't Michigan be able to pick anyone from the top of the litter in in-state this year. Do you think Hoke will go after all the top talent in Michigan like 2012 or do you think he will go out of state more?

    1. Hoke should be able to pick anyone in-state. I think he will get some of Michigans top talent, but I think that the staff wants to go out of state more to gain moire connections.

  7. Benji was right about Wright being kicked out of his high school for his tweets. What a shame.

    Scouts has some new report on Garnett but its behind a paywall. Does anybody know what its about?

  8. Davon,
    Whats going on with Diamond. Is there some news on him. Per 24/7 sports. And PeeWee

    1. Rumors around the web are that either Diamond or Garnett are a silent commit. I'm trying to get a hold of Diamond for an update.

  9. Not that we all didn't already know this, but I think we can safely assume Michigan has stopped recruiting Yuri Wright. According to the Twitter he was kicked out of school today because of his tweets. Not exactly Michigan material.

  10. I know somebody who tutors Wyatt Shallman at CC who says he's basically committed to Michigan already.

  11. @Schmiege or anybody else. I have roster share on NCAA 11 which year would you like? I have 2012 2013 2014

    This is Will by the way. This is my other s/n

    1. Thanks brother. What is your PSN? I will add you and scope them out.
      In all the dynasties I play in I am commish and just change their names to our current commits. Lol.

  12. @Alan- Jaw drops... significantly lol

  13. its from my friend that is a michigan recruiting junkie

    1. so if this is true, then what about garnett?.... i want him more than anyother recruit on the board.

    2. maybe garnett is the wild card

  14. I read it on 24/7 sports on a board.

  15. Benji, do you know the news on Diamond?

  16. Pipkins is saying to call him "Kay Jewelers"...

  17. Anyone know anything about what happening during the visit today with Payton? Just curious. Dind't know if anyone had any information on that already.......

  18. The thing with pipkins is being blown out of the water, and just so you know there is a rock know as garnet. That is one letter shy of josh's last name! And diamond said himself that he didn't commit to Michigan,also in Twitter.

    Yuri was kicked out if school so he won't be coming to michgan and most likely bot many other colleges because he was officially expelled which would not allow for him to get his diploma from the school. Bummer right? I know

    In other interesting news Anthony standifer who was once committed to Michigan is now going to be visiting notre dame this weekend. Shows the standards are different for both schools if you ask me. I don't have a link for this it was on Facebook.

  19. Here is the Yuri Wright article,

  20. Urban Meyer or Dantonio will probably offer him now, LOL!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!

  21. those are really good questions and questions that I also had and some other people who commented on a Hostpph blog, and I had no answered for some of them, but you do