Friday, 28 January 2011


Ok, so I've managed four hours sleep, things are looking clearer now.

The Chris Bryant commitment was an expected one, but an important one. Michigan wanted to take 4-5 lineman in this class, and they now have three on board with Posada, Miller and Bryant. They would love to get Jake Fisher back in the fold, but he's currently in Eugene, Oregon, and the Ducks might even be the favorites right now!

OT Pat Flavin still remains an option, the coaches have been in contact with him. So if/when Fisher comes off the board, he may well get an offer. He's an Illinois commit, but we know Coach Funk has been in contact.

EDIT: A few former Michigan targets committed elsewhere yesterday.

- DE Ray Drew to Georgia

- DT Mickey Johnson to LSU

- Cyrus Hobbi to USC

Stat of the day: Assuming everyone that signed is still in the program, Ole Miss should have 122 scholarship players on campus next year; possibly more if they have any 5th year seniors from the 07 class. Michigan will have around 90.


  1. I'm lovin our recruiting seriously I doubt alot of people thought our class would end up this nice.. its not rated highly but if u go by average of the commits it definitely a top 25.... GO BLUE

  2. I hate the SEC. They get to over recruit players and subsidize their players.

  3. This is a very good pick up for Michigan. I do wonder after reading about this kid as to why he falls in the 19 to 37 range rating among the top guards. Scratch that after watching is junior I see why. He has very poor technique out of this stance. He stands straight up out of this stance. Good news is that technique can be corrected. Once that's done with is power and size he will be a beast.

  4. how likely is it that michigan has a ouple more commits from some of the visitors this weekend like
    Trayion Durham
    Chris Barnett
    Floyd Raven

  5. Where have you been?, FLoyd Raven is back to Ole Piss, Durham does not have the grades he committed to Kent State yesterday, have you been out drinking with Benji ?

  6. Floyd recommited to Ole Miss.

    Durham would probably commit to Michigan but I have heard that grades may be an issue.

    Chris Barnett is probably 50/50 at this point.

  7. Where is this confirmation of Durham's commitment to Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent State?

    He's visiting this weekend, and those rumors were not confirmed.

    Barnett seems to have a big body, height, and great speed for a TE. Three stars or not, I'd be happy if he chooses Michigan.

  8. Durham doesnt have the grades, thats why Wisc. dropped him. People over at are saying their might be a surprise so never know.

  9. Cesar; I was on the old jaegerbombs last night

  10. Benji,
    Any chance for us with Devon Moreland?

  11. Michigan was never really recruiting Devon properly.