Monday, 10 January 2011

Coaching search over?

Seems like everyone thinks Les Miles to Michigan is virtually a done deal now. Miles met with Michigan earlier tonight, and Dave Brandon has since flown back to Ann Arbor. However there is still a Michigan plane in Baton Rouge, which could be for Miles after he tells his current players...?

If this does go ahead, I'll be happy. After we missed out on Harbaugh, Miles is a pretty good replacement. He's actually won a national title, and averages 10 wins a season at LSU; which is very impressive in the SEC.

Let's hope this gets wrapped up tomorrow so Miles can have the maximum amount of time before signing day to salvage this class and get to know the current players.

*UPDATE*: It's not looking so positive with Miles today....


  1. I will be very happy with Les as well. He was my 2nd choice behind Harbaugh. What's up with all the hate for Miles? Seems like Michigan fans will never be happy. He have won a National title, is very competitive in the best conference in college football and recruits well.

  2. I agree, whoever our next coach is, it's important for all the fans to support him instead of being divided like we were with Rich Rod. It can't be easy to produce as a coach when half the fans hate you.

  3. Les is a Michigan man, so in theory he should get a much better welcoming than RR did.