Saturday, 22 January 2011

Raymon Taylor commits

Michigan is stealing commits left right and center! Former Indiana commitment Raymon Taylor has committed to the Wolverines today whilst on his official visit. This is a nice in state pick up, although I can already see the "ANOTHER CB????" comments....

Taylor has loved Michigan for a while, but only got an offer in December from RR. He made it clear then how much this offer meant to him, and whilst the change in coaching staff may have slowed down the process, there was little doubt he would end up in Ann Arbor.

Commitment post to follow later.


  1. Definitely going to have more speed in the secondary in the coming years.. A few of these guys will have to move to Safety...Cant wait for next years recruiting class give Hoke/Mattisson a year to recruit and we will be getting top 10 classes ..We are doing very well at the last minute if you ask me

  2. If Floyd and Christian move to Safety, there will be significant need for CBs. Brian Cook, and others, think this will be the case since Floyd and Christian don't appear to have man-to-man coverage skills that the new staff wants out of their CBs.

    That being the case, one or two of the freshman CBs may contribute this year behind Woolfolk/Avery/Talbott if one of them can be beaten out, or there is an injury.

    As for the others, red-shirts are likely. In 2012, the CB position should be wide-open.

    I wouldn't necessarily assume any of these incoming recruits are going to be safeties, but the possibility is certainly there. None of these recruits have prototypical size for a safety; Carter and Brown come closest.

  3. dolatamat..I agree I also think that both Floyd and Christian will move to the safety position. Safety could end up be a crowded position next season. I would look for Carvin Johnson, Marvin Robinson, Ray Vinopal, Cam Gordan, Mike Willams and Kovacs all competing for a starting spot.

  4. @kkopp

    I think Gordon should move to OLB hes 6'3 210 he could bulk up 15 20 lbs and he doesnt run fast enough for a S .. He couldnt even run with that big TE from Ntre Dame when we gave up that 80 or 90 yard pass ...Same with Carvin Johnson he runs a 4.6 6'2 208 he could gain 20 lbs and move to OLB..We need more speed and physicality from our LB's and that would be those guys best move ... Just my opinion

  5. You can add Furman and Thomas Gordon to that list of potential safeties too, but Williams may be off the team for medical reasons.

    However, besides Vinopal or Kovacs, any of those guys could end up at LB. It seems that Cam Gordon is particularly likely to remain as an OLB. LB, like DB, has a lot of bodies but necessarily great talent.

    There is no sense getting too caught up in defensive positions at this time. Players will be lost through attrition and the coaching staff will move people around. Roles and expectations will change. The important thing is for this staff to add people who can be reliable and contribute. They don't have to be stars. What this program needs is to put the days of true freshman and walk-ons starting out of necessity behind it. RR's staff always preached about the virtues of competition, but for a variety of reasons, never had much of it on defense.

    Hoke and Co. seem to realize they have to establish a baseline of talent on the defensive side of the ball. They can worry about being picky with 4 and 5 stars once they have a full roster - but that hasn't been the case over the last 3 years.

    At this point, QB and OL are the biggest recruiting concerns because with a few injuries or disappointments or transfers things could turn very ugly very fast.