Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hart eliminates Michigan

Dee Hart has apparently eliminated Michigan, figuring that Rich Rodriguez's days in Ann Arbor are numbered. This shouldn't surprise anyone, as Hart has stated he wanted to play in the spread offense at Michigan, and it looks like that can't happen now.

Hart was the top rated member of Michigan's 2011 class, so this is a big loss; however if indeed Jim Harbaugh is brought in, Hart doesn't have the ideal size to run in that offense.

It's reported that he's down to Alabama and Auburn, which I don't really understand. He was setting up visits to Florida and FSU....and now he's down to the Tide and Tigers? Well, it's not as if the rest of his recruitment has made any sense. It will be interesting to see where he ends up.

EDIT: I guess it won't be interesting to see....he's committed to Alabama. Did they even offer him as a RB?


  1. I wish I could say I was shocked by this news, but it seems as if he has been wavering for quite some time. I hate to lose him, but with the coaching situation, anyone who decommitts will not surprise me.

  2. He is going to bama. But on a good, no great note Lamar Dawson is still coming to visit Michigan and seems unphased by the RR chaos. Go blue!!!!

  3. Alabama was offering him as a slot receiver. Strange to see he is signing with a team that definitely doesn't need him as a running back.

  4. If Jim does end up at Michigan I can't wait to see how stephen hopkins turns out, he reminds me of Chris perry

  5. Dee Hart or any commit is not bigger than the institution itself. I'm not worried about him. Biggest waffler of them all.