Friday, 28 January 2011

Chris Bryant, come on down,,,,

It's 3am right now, and I've come back from an end of exams party....

I managed to check that Chris Bryant has committed after at least 15 attempts to spell his name right on my ihpone.

Enjoy this. More analysis in the morning, hopefully more sober.


  1. Benji, May I suggest a dos XX, Corona or a good shot of tequila for you, I am guessing your finals are OVER with right ? Chris Bryant is blue !.

  2. If you get a chance check this dude out. You can see Mr. Bryant on The Big House Blog. He is an ABSOLUTE beast. I think this is a great pick up!!! GO BLUE!!!

    Benji...I highlighted ABSOLUTE just for you. Nothing like having a good night w/some vodka!

  3. Red Bull & Crown Royal as a pick me up in the morning. It may not exactly cure your hangover, but you will certainly feel better.

  4. Never even heard of Crown Royal....

  5. Crown Royal is a fine Canadian Whiskey.