Saturday, 8 January 2011

Army AA game

I watched the Under Armor AA game, and whilst you have to be impressed with the talent on display, it was almost depressing knowing that none of that talent was heading to Ann Arbor.

Fortunately the Army game hosts Blake Countess, who has looked pretty good in practice all week, and he's still committed to UM no matter what. Kris Frost and Wayne Lyons might still announce their decision today, but I wouldn't be surprised if both held back on their choice to see who the new UM coach is.

If Les Miles does go to UM, that would virtually secure Frost for us, because LSU one of the other finalists, so he must like Miles a fair bit. However even without Miles, Michigan has a good chance of landing Frost anyway, but he loves Michigan as a school.

Lyons has a final four of Florida, Michigan, Stanford and UCLA; where only the Bruins still have their original head coach, but lets face it....he might not be there next year. However this still has to give the Bruins some kind of advantage. Really close call here, but if he announces today, I'd guess UCLA.

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