Saturday, 22 January 2011

Michigan cuts Flowers

EDIT: Note the new hilarious title of the post....

It looks like Brady Hoke doesn't want a WR in this recruiting class. Michigan has apparently pulled out of the race to sign Hakeem Flowers, and this confirms what TomVH mentioned earlier today; that things didn't look good.

It's a shame really, I would have liked an outside receiver in this class, especially with Stonum and Hemingway departing after next year. Flowers was also likely to be Hoke's top signing in the class, as he carries a rating of 80 on ESPN.

Still, the show must go on, and apparently the visits this weekend went really well.


  1. Sucks, but have to trust Hoke and coaches.

  2. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Will see what happens.

  3. So what is next for Michigan?

  4. Chris Bryant is announcing on the 28th, so that could be next unless one of today's visitors pulls the trigger before hand...

  5. wonder what the reaction would have been if RichRod did something like this?

  6. you mean with his first recruiting class? he did a better job of securing lloyds recruits than hoke did of his. he didnt need to go out and recruit many, just his style of guys and a qb and skill players.

  7. RR lost a lot of valuable players though. Mallet, Boren, etc

  8. why would they not take either one of the WR"s. Hemmingway and Stonum are both going to be seniors and Roundtree is the only other one that was notabale in 2010. With one week left, why would they become picky and not want wideouts, makes no sense.

  9. RR was brought in before the bowl game allowing him time to build a relationship with the recruits before signing day. Also how many of Lloyds recruits ended up leaving after signing with Michigan? Finally the recruits that were lost made their decision before Hoke was the coach. That is not his fault.

  10. Michigan currently has 17 players on their roster that are listed as WR's. Five of which will be graduating next season. I do realize that most are smaller slot receivers But when you look at other positions. It's clear that there are needs at other places.

  11. You also need to take into consideration that we don't know everyone that is happening behind the scenes. There could already be a silent commit in this class that we don't know about. Just because none of the recruiting services are reporting it doesn't mean its not happening. Nobody thought that Denard would end up at Michigan. He was commited to FLA. and it didn't come out until signing day that he had de-commited and was looking at Michigan.

  12. will Chris Bryant be are next commit or could we pick one up before then and will we even get Chris Bryant

  13. Any predictions about how our 2011 class will look after Feb 2nd?

  14. Frank Clark and Chris Bryant are both announcing on the 28th. They will be the next two to commit to this class. Leilon Willingham and Stefan McClure were the only two visiting this week that are not Mich. commits. That probably worked very well in Mich. favor. If Willingham doesn't set up a new visit to A&M then he is as good as blue. I believe we have a good shot at McClure as well. I also think that since they pulled there offer from Flowers that there is one or two silents commits in this class already.

  15. Hayes tweeted 'productive weekend, three commits and one more who plans to commit' whos the fourth? its gotta be one who visited...

  16. I believe that the class will look like this at the end of the day.

    RB Justice Hayes
    RB Thomas Rawls

    OL Jack Miller
    OL Tony Posada
    OL Jake Fisher
    OL Chris Bryant

    DT Chris Rock

    DE Keith Heitzman

    LB Brennen Beyer
    LB Kellen Jones
    LB Desmond Morgan
    LB Willingham
    LB Frank Clark

    CB Blake Countess
    CB Delonte Hollowell
    CB Raymon Taylor
    CB Tamani Carter
    CB Greg Brown
    CB stefan McClure

    K Matt Wiles

  17. KKopp is right about WR depth. There is simply no need to take a WR whatsoever with so many guys on the roster, particularly so many young guys. Even if you exclude the slot WR (which is silly to do), even if you exclude the departing seniors of 2010, even if you shift a guy to TE, you still have depth at the position for the next couple years.

    WR is one of the easiest positions to transition into as a freshman, so there is really no need to pursue them in this class. Michigan has the cache to recruit some elite 5-star WR, particularly once the depth chart clears up.

    I'm glad to hear that Hoke isn't pursuing any WR (besides Justice). It demonstrates a roster awareness that I didn't see with RR and his staff.

  18. I would like at least one senior reciever in the class of 2015. Starting all underclassmen worries me, although WR is the least position of concern. Get a Christopher Gallon, shane wynn or a prince holloway

  19. There will probably be a senior WR in every class.

    2010 Freshman:Jackson, Dileo, Gallon
    2011 Freshman: Williamson, Robinson
    2012 Freshman: Hayes (red-shirt likely in 2011) and 2012 true freshmen.

    R.Miller goes somewhere in there too, if he isn't a TE.

  20. Who says Hayes is a not a RB under Hoke?

  21. True, Hayes could be a RB. In that case I'd question the need for Rawls if there are 7 RBs projected for the 2010 team.

    Regardless, there's no real need for a senior WR in every season. Its not a priority as far as team needs go. WR depth is fairly well distributed: 4 Seniors, 3 Juniors, 3 Soph, 2 Freshman...not counting Miller or Hayes.