Thursday, 20 January 2011

Strange Commitments + other news

I've been sleeping for the last ten hours, so waking up to find out Michigan has another commitment is great, but just who is Tamani Carter???

Well, he's a 5'11 175lb CB from Pickering, OH who runs a 4.48 forty yard dash; but the reason this is such a strange and unexpected commitment is because in the weeks before signing day, Michigan will entertain 3 more CB's in Raymon Taylor, Stefan McClure and Floyd Raven on official visits. Maybe Michigan isn't too hopeful for the second two?

A lot more detail in the Commitment Post to follow later.

Anyway, in other news:

- Tanner McEvoy is off the board after he committed to South Carolina. RR was looking at him for QB, but I'm not sure how well he'd fit in a pro style.

- Deion Barnes has committed to Penn State, ending whatever minuscule chance Michigan had of getting him back on campus. Btw, Brady Hoke had made a pitch to both Barnes and Delvon Simmons, but it was just too late.

- The general opinion is that Darian Cooper probably won't visit on the last weekend in January. Hoke is trying to persuade him, but it looks like he's pretty set on a final three of Iowa, Georgia Tech and Michigan State.

- LB and current Texas A&M commit Leilon Willingham will be visiting Michigan next weekend. He's a four star prospect on rivals, and Michigan could use another LB in this class.

- TE Chris Barnett, an Arkansas commit is also looking to visit Ann Arbor, although his visit might be a week later. The Razorbacks have two very good TE's committed above Barnett, so maybe he doesn't his place on the projected depth chart.

- DE Brandon Alexander is another prospect gaining a new found interest from Michigan, and the word here is that he's a true sleeper. He's picked up an offer from Texas, and given their current class, that is quite an achievement.

It's getting quite hard to keep track of all these new targets. In the end, this class could actually end up quite big and full of a lot of players we hadn't even heard of a month ago. Brady Hoke is certainly giving it everything he's got on the recruiting trail, and I can't help but think the 2012 class could be really special; especially since Greg Mattison has recently been proclaimed as one of the best recruiters in the game by....everyone.


  1. One or two of the CB will have to go Safety you think.

  2. Yes we can move some of them to Safety if they can grow into the position..But realistically they wont be able to move to Safety for atleast 2 year unless they put on 30lbs or so from now till summer camp

  3. Everyone seems to think Greg Brown will end up at S, so there's one commit switching. Cullen Christian is also a candidate to move to Safety.
    The new coaching staff will obviously have their own views on each player, maybe they'll want Woolfolk back at Safety? Just have to wait and see.
    Either way, we're going to have loads of young DB's on the roster next year.

  4. Exciting!! There's a buzz around AA that hasn't been there in a long time. Go Blue!

  5. Benji, I almost forgot.
    Is there a concern now that we might take too many kids? After all its looking like next year's class is deeper and more talented. Say if we take 16-18 this year, do you know how many we can take in the more talented 2012 class?

  6. This years class is going to wind up being in the top 25 Nationally. Hoke and Mattison are going to close strong and huge. There are going to be players that weren't in the mix for Michigan, but as player who plays defense, why would you not want to come, realistically have a chance to start and be coached by one of the best D coordinators at any level?

  7. Tamani Carter needs some work so he will likely be a red-shirt. They do seem to be loading up on corners, but I think there is an emphasis in improving special teams as well so some of these guys may end up there.

  8. We have 21 spots for scholarship players right now and then we have 16 seniors next year. That leaves 16 spots plus maybe a couple more depending on the size of this class, the juniors who declare early(if there is any), transfers or guys who dont make it on the team due to academics. So i say we wait and see how many spots we fill in this class and then we have to wait and see.

  9. Looking back at our past classes on rivals, i'm seeing a severe lack of 4 star prospects in this years class. It seems that in the past, you didn't have a chance to play for Michigan unless you were a 4 star prospect, now we have a 2 star prospect (Ray Vinopal) starting at safety for us. Its very sad. I sure hope Hoke and staff can turn things around, and do it quickly.

  10. No more CB plese. We need free safety position!

  11. Brent, Your comment is a 100% lie. Michigan has always had 3 stars start and play. Michigan has never had a team fully composed of 4 stars and up. this is a total BS line pushed by the anti-RR crowd. Go look something up before you spew ignorant facts.

    BTW, Vinopal started 4th on the depth chart and moved up due to injuries and transfers. I don't think Carr ever had to start a guy that started at 4th on the depth chart in the fall.