Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More Updates

- First off, Stefan McClure will be announcing his college decision on Thursday, but it looks like Michigan won't be a finalist. Distance from home, and probably the weather played a big role in this, so there's not much Coach Hoke could have done. UCLA are the favorites.

- Greg Mattison had his in-home visit with Blake Countess, trying to make sure Michigan brings in at least one Army All-American cornerback. He'll follow that up with a visit to see Darian Cooper again.

- Thomas Rawls will now announce on signing day at his high school. He had an in-home with Fred Jackson this week and still claims he'll be eligible to play next season. Still looking good for Michigan here.

- Antonio Poole is scheduled to announce tonight at around 8:30PM ET; Michigan are the heavy favorites here, expect him to go blue.


  1. Mattison visited Cooper at school then drove to visit Countess in-home and will end the day with a home visit with Cooper. That man is a recruiting beast.

    It's very interesting that Rawls has moved pushed his announcement back to signing day. I wondering if Michigan needs a few more days to make sure that he qualifies?

  2. Hearing we got a signal caller too....needed for sure.

  3. Re: Rawls...maybe Michigan is waiting to see if they have a scholarship open after this weekend's recruiting visits.

  4. Is Rawls really a Michigan caliber back? I almost wonder if recruiting him isn't a favor from Jackson Sr. to Jackson Jr.....