Friday, 21 January 2011

Tamani Carter

Name: Tamani Carter

Location: Pickering, Ohio

Position: CB

Ratings: Scout – 3*, Rivals – 3*, ESPN – 2* (74)

Recruitment: Was a surprise commitment for Michigan as Carter was previously committed to Minnesota.

Offers: Michigan, Minnesota, Stanford, Iowa, Arizona, Air Force and Kent State.

Stats: Currently weighs around 175 lbs at 5’11, although that height might be a bit generous. He runs a 4.48 40 yard dash.

ESPN Analysis: Carter is a quick-footed skill prospect with very good athleticism. He looks shorter on film than his listed measurable. Has more than adequate height but his leaner frame and lack of great strength are concerns when projecting for the college level. Quite aggressive in man coverage, trying to become the receiver on routes; has great ball skills. He’s more quick than fast, and lacks great explosiveness which could hold him back at the major college level. Needs to bulk up if he wants to play press coverage.

From the man himself - “I cover really well. I have great hips and closing speed. I also play offense and I’m very explosive. I want to improve my speed. And I’m still working on my feet. Overall, I’d like to get bigger and stronger.”

Improvements: The same as all of Michigan’s CB commits; get bigger, get faster! What is it with us and undersized CB’s?

Film Highlights: Link here.

Final Thoughts: Is without doubt heading for a redshirt. With every Michigan commit that has a low rating, there’s always the tendency to just call them a sleeper prospect. Although Carter might not be one; the offers from Iowa and Stanford are encouraging, as well as Arizona and Minnesota. He’s a smart kid with a supposed great work ethic, so maybe once he gets on campus he’ll start proving the ratings wrong.

As for the rest of the class, well this gives Michigan a third CB commit, which is fine, but the Wolverines have three more still on the board. You’d hope at least one of these can make the move to safety.


  1. You do realize he is 6'0, right? The height given on the sites is under. If you're going off of his height from the film then LOL, because the quality is not that great.

  2. Firstly, it's ESPN's scouts who said he looks shorter on film, not me. And also lists him as 5'11, yet their Ohio analyst Bill Greene, who has no doubt seen Carter play a few times, also states that 5'11 is generous to him.

  3. yea, are we really arguing over an inch here? he's typical DB height, move on.

    thanks for the review, benj.

  4. lol Go Blue! We need a SAFETY!

  5. If we get Floyd Raven the Ole Miss decommit he will prob go to Safety. He is 6'2", but Bama is not looking at him so our chances may have decreased

  6. Regardless of 5'11 or 6'0, thats fairly average for a CB, even in the NFL.

    It doesn't necessarily have to be a recruit that moves to Safety. Floyd and Christian both look deficient as man coverage CB and are possibly (likely?) head to FS. Since Woolfolk is a senior, that would leave Avery, Talbott and this freshman class for all the CBs by 2012.

    You could conceivably take 6 CBs in this class, redshirt 3 of them, and then have 2 JR, 3 SO, and 3 FR(RS) in 2012 - making for a fairly even distribution of depth by class at the position, despite the heavy emphasis on CB recruiting in 2010 and 2011.

  7. That said, yeah...some of these guys are headed for safety, which is fine too.

  8. Do you know anything about LB Willingham from CO, LB Poole from OH or DE Alexander from TX?