Sunday, 16 January 2011

Matt Goudis decommits

Kicker Matt Goudis has decommitted from the Wolverines today, and is now part of Miami's 2011 class....I warned you, it's Al Golden; he hates us....

Goudis was originally a Boise State verbal before switching to Michigan in December. It turns out Goudis had a pretty good idea RR was going to be fired, even when he committed; however he thought Jim Harbaugh was a certainty to be his replacement. So when Hoke was hired; Goudis was off straight away.

This isn't a big loss for the class, there are a lot more important players that could still leave. Whilst a kicker would have been nice, there's no guarantee that he wouldn't turn out to be the next Gibbons.

Also, who knows, maybe Gibbons or Broekhuizen will turn things around next year; meaning there is no need to take a kicker in this class.

Note: Will Connor Loftus now consider Michigan again? He's from California; so maybe Hoke knows about him. He wanted to visit Ann Arbor a while back, but then Goudis committed.


  1. No need to take a kicker in this class? Are you serious? Rich Rod's first problem was obviously his defense, but then second to defense the special team and both his overconfidence in the kicking game (i.e. Bowl game not going for it on 4th down and missing the field goal) and at times his lack of a kicker (i.e. countless times of turning the ball over on downs by not kicking a field goal). If we had a merely decent kicker, Rich Rod would not have had to make these calls and it would have saved a lot of stress for him and us fans. Saying we don't need to take a kicker in this class isn't true.

  2. Its alot of good kickers left in this class im sure if we go after a few we could get atleast 1...

  3. I said if Gibbons or Broekhuizen gets it together.... then there is no need for a kicker. And this is quite possible. Hoke has eight months to sort out whatever mental/physical issues are holding those two guys back.

  4. Are you kidding me,... the Carolina Panthers would win the Super Bowl before Gibbons/Broekhuizen get it together....there IS A NEED,..for another kicker.... what part of the 2010 season did we miss to say we don't ?....

  5. Kickers can improve. I may be wrong, but I can't imagine kicking is that hard, so in theory it should be easy to fix?
    I guess they'll be a new kicking coach as well, so that could help.
    I'm not saying I don't want a kicker in this class, but I don't think it would be a disaster if we didn't get one.