Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Recruiting Updates

- Jack Tabb, who dropped Michigan last week (now confirmed), will decide between UNC, Arkansas and Iowa on Friday. I think it has to be UNC for him.

- Kris Frost still hasn't been accepted by the Auburn Tigers, and communication between the two parties has been pretty poor. IF Auburn decide they can't take Frost, then Brady Hoke will actually have a decent chance to land a four star prospect.

LSU will also be another alternative for Frost, especially since they still have their coach.

- Kellen Jones will be visiting Miami sometime this month, and possibly Colorado too. I'm telling you, Al Golden hates Michigan...he's going after everyone!


  1. There are still some very good recruits out there just going off 40 times and size.. Im not sure why Michigan doesnt go after some of these unheralded recruits ..But remember people just because you make a 3*,4* or 5* doesnt mean they will pan out..We need to go after the recruits who are hungry to prove they belong

  2. I hope the recruits watched his press conference, but that is a coach I would want to play for.

  3. That was a good press conference. Really fired up to see the team play under Hoke, shame we have to wait 8 months. I know Jack Miller said he'd be watching it, so I'm sure some other recruits would of done the same.

  4. damn you al golden!!! lol I agree, that go me pumped up for next season

  5. Talk about Brady and Michigan,did you notice that Lear Jet N220DF landed at Chicago at 8:28 AM CST this morning.

    anyone know or have ideas about Michigan's presence in Chicago?