Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Rankings Updated

Both Rivals and Scout have updated their final rankings for the class of 2011, links:

Scout 100 Rivals 100

I must warn you, Rivals is particularly depressing; both Dee Hart and Kris Frost earned top 20 rankings and a 5th star...ouch.

Scout places Brennen Beyer in their top 100, and Rivals has Justice Hayes in theirs. As for the rest of the players, lets just say they weren't overly generous with stars this year. Stefan McClure did check in at #69 on scout though, so there's something positive.

Personally I prefer ESPN's rankings, with the points measure, so I'll be looking out for them. However, I'm not exactly holding out for a top 25 class.

To keep your spirits high, remember these guys will be juniors next fall. And some of them are still at Michigan.


  1. A lot of the guys that were in that recruiting class are either not on the team due to transfers of grades and then there are a lot of guys who haven't seen the field yet. I dont think that this years team will be much better on either side of the ball then we were last year, but any little step in the right direction on defense would be an improvment.

    We could have a very deep defensive class if we get a couple new names like McClure, Floyd Raven and a new LB And keep guys like Beyer, countess and Kellen Jones then we should have some good depth on defense to go along with the somewhat experience we have there from last year. Plus we have some offensive line commits that will add depth and beef to the front line.

    Go Blue!!

  2. @Benj
    What do you mean this? Are we bust?

  3. @ Logan I think we will be better than 7-6 I can see us going 9-4 or better...As long as he can coach up the defense and get out of this 3-3-5 we should be lots better defensively and that will keep us in more games..we lost 3 games to teams that finished the season with 1 loss ..WI,MICH ST and OSU, Iowa was a top 10 team when we lost to them as well..Experience and better defense and we will easily be 9-4 or better

  4. Dallas Crawford commits to Miami! :(

  5. Really? Now, we are screwed up.

  6. @UMFAN323
    Do you really beleive Michigan will get 9 wins?
    I can't beleive it. Franky speaking, my number is 7. If this team will get 8 more wins, I will be shut up no matter what happen during Dave Brandon era.

  7. FINALLY GOT A DC. How many DC in the NCAA can say, "Yea I coached, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs."

    Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is expected to go the University of Michigan as their new defensive coordinator, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.
    No deal has been formally reached, though.
    He would likely be replaced in Baltimore by secondary coach Chuck Pagano.
    UPDATE: Mattison has taken the job and Pagano has replaced him

  8. @ LoverofTroy I can honestly say 9 wins or more our first 5 games are home games..Should be 4-1 or 5-0 depending on the Notre Dame game..Then we at NW and Mich St, by that point we realistically can be 6-1 or 7-0..Then Purdue,@ Iowa @Ill then we finish up Neb and OSU at home..I see 9-3 or 10-2... Our defense will improve drastically with the DC from the Ravens and we will be in every game

  9. Mattison is a super hire! He'll bring an NFL-style defense and he will be a solid recruiter. Like Brandon said, when you've coached the likes of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and T-Sizzle, kids are going to want to come play for you on Saturdays so they can one day play on Sundays.