Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stefan McClure to visit UM

Army All American CB Stefan McClure (Vista, CA) will be visiting Michigan next weekend instead of his previously planned destination; UCLA. McClure's very first offer came from San Diego State, and Hoke has continued to recruit him at Michigan.

McClure is only a three star prospect on ESPN, but is rated considerably higher by rivals and scout, who have him as the #5 and #7 CB respectively. In other words, he could be a good replacement to Dallas Crawford, or even Blake Countess.

Scout lists McClure with a top four of Boise State, Michigan, California and UCLA; however he's also visited Washington, Oregon State and Colorado officially; so they could still be in the mix.

I get the feeling he probably likes Brady Hoke a lot, but just never liked SDSU; so now that Hoke is recruiting him to a BCS school, he has a much better chance.


  1. WHAT, good news. Hopefully we have a full week of it.

  2. Good news for sure.

    Benji what have you heard about a possible walk on kicker? I heard a rumor about a 24 year old minor league baseball player, any truth to that?

  3. the one thing it seems we dont need anymore of in the class (cb's)

  4. Steve, yeah there is a rumor that Derrick Mitchell could walk on at Michigan next year. Apparently he had some deal in his contract that makes the Phillies pay for his college tuition! Smart guy!

    Jeff, Countess was visiting Penn State this weekend, but as far as I know he's still a commit, albeit a soft one.

    Matthew, although most of these guys at CB seem quite small, I'm betting at least one or two might grow into a safety; which is a position of need.

  5. With two underclassmen per safety position (Vinopal, Robinson, Johnson, Gordon) and an abundance of young CBs (some of whom have safety experience/potential) - is safety really a position of need?

  6. I suppose the position is slightly less of a need now that we won't have 3 safeties on the field each play. Robinson was considered at LB; so you have to wonder if he can play FS. And is Vinopal the longtime answer at the position?
    Rich Rod moved the safeties around a lot this year, so I guess it depends on where everyone ends up, but I'd certainly like to see a true FS in this class or one or the corners develop into a FS.